Srinivas Institute of Technology develops 3D Printed Sounding Rocket

Media Release
August 24, 2020


Mangaluru, Aug 24: Fourth year Aeronautical Engineering Students Deepak M K, Dhanush D B, Punith M K , Megha H K of Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore have developed a 3D Printed Sounding Rocket by using additive manufacturing technique which can be used for Agricultural Survey and cloud seeding.

 The project combines the modern additive manufacturing technique in Sounding Rocket for use in the field of agricultural survey and cloud seeding.

This additive manufacturing technique has revolutionized the modern manufacturing industry by enhancing the design parameters in a much sophisticated manner. The layer by layer printing of design parameters makes it easier and cost effective in the development of sounding rocket.

This project demonstrates how additive manufacturing technique and space technology can be combined together for application in the field of agricultural research. The cloud seeding technique with survey of agricultural area by using onboard camera mounted inside the rocket makes easy to work and conduct the experiment in a much sophisticated manner.

This project is guided by Prof. Deepak Raj P Y. The head of the department Dr. Ramakrishna N. Hegde has supported the students. The Principal Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D and the management have congratulated the students for their achievements.


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