Open Letter

We, the undersigned express our solidarity with Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, renowned scholar, journalist and presently Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission. We strongly condemn the continued media trial and targeting of Dr Zafarul Islam Khan for his Facebook post thanking Kuwait for expressing solidarity with Indian Muslims. In his Facebook post, he mentioned the appalling deterioration of human

I write this with sadness as much as anger. Yes, like every Indian citizen, I am extremely angry at what happened in Pulwama — the killing of 40 CRPF jawans has wounded a nation, left us outraged and crying out for revenge. Let’s be in no doubt: the terror that struck Pulwama emanated from Pakistan. The suicide bomber may have been Kashmiri — but his engine room was in the Jaish headquarters in

You may have learnt from the media that my appeal for quashing the false FIR against me filed by the Pune Police was rejected yesterday (14 January) by the Supreme Court. Fortunately, it gave me to four weeks to seek pre-arrest bail from the competent court. Up till now I felt confident that whatever charges the Police levied could be proved as criminal fabrication once they landed before the

Shweta Bhatt, the wife former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhat, who has been facing the wrath of the government after he exposed the then state government’s involvement in 2002 Gujarat carnage, has written an open letter warning every Indian citizen against the brutality of the government. In 2011, Sanjiv Bhatt had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court accusing Narendra Modi of being complicit in the

New Delhi, May 14: Former prime minister Manmohan Singh has written a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind in which he has condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'threat' to the Indian National Congress (INC) during a speech in Hubli, Karnataka. Singh said Prime Minister Modi was "using his powers and privileges as Prime Minister to settle personal and political scores" during the Karnataka

We all worked very hard for the victory of the party in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Some of us had been struggling against the rule of the UPA government, in Parliament and outside, ever since it assumed office in 2004 while some others were enjoying the fruits of office in their respective states. We were delighted with the results of the 2014 elections and expected that the unprecedented

Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji: I'm not only hopeful but certain that this will find you hale and hearty. I always pray for your good health and wish that your limitless energy remains intact. The scope of this letter is very limited. It is common knowledge that social media today is fertile ground for trampling all over the decency of language. This is done not just by members of your

If Gauri Lankesh read all the tributes and accolades for her, particularly those that refer to soul and afterlife and heaven, she’s have had a good laugh. Well maybe not a laugh, but at least a chuckle. We had decided in our teens that heaven and hell and afterlife were a lot of b.s. There was enough heaven and hell on earth, and we should just leave god alone – he has enough on his hands –

Today is the day that I finally say ENOUGH! Enough of the judgment, enough of the stigma, enough of the prejudices, enough of whatever you say about what you clearly know nothing about! People like me have had enough of you talking about what’s going on with us like you scholars of the internet, know everything about it. You call us dangerous, irrational, impulsive, and the worst of it all, a word

Dear Mr. Hanumanth Kamath, Hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I was surprised yesterday to read a WhatsApp message attributed to your Facebook page in which you have expressed your views on the issue of renaming of St. Aloysius College Road. In these days of rampant proliferation of fake news and fake social media posts, I also took the trouble to visit your Facebook page confirm