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Kollam: With hopes in his eyes, 39-year-old Abdul Kareem Ibrahim Kutti would have greetedAssalamau Alaikum' to many but he never knew that this one greeting would change his unchanging reality. For this Indian hailing from Kollam district of Kerala, it was probably all about being at a right place, at the right time to meet the right person. Fortunately it happened. He greeted a gentleman in the

Manipal: The Bajrang Dal connection to kidnap and gang-rape of a medical student in Manipal has irked the Sangh Parivar leaders, who on Wednesday had issued a deadline of 24 hours to police to nab the real culprits in the case. Ironically, all three arrested — Yogesh Poojary (30) a resident of Ontibettu, Hariprasad Poojary (27) and Anand (28) residents of Badagabettu, Parkala – were not only proud

Mangalore: The landslide at Thotlaguri in Bajpe that triggered the collapse of two houses woke quite a few up from deep slumber – survivors of the tragedy and the district administration included. Four lives were lost, giving a sense of severity to the incident, drawing people of repute including the Deputy Commissioner, elected representatives and the Home Minister, to the Dalit colony. While

Known as a business entrepreneur, his stint in politics had certainly not been a vibrant one. After tasting defeat in the last assembly polls, Moideen Bava went into a sort of oblivion politically. With funky appearances as a team owner in Karnataka's version of IPL and with not many political glories to his credit, he did manage to tide over the assembly elections this year and is now the MLA of

Udupi: To facilitate crime detection and to also curb the crime rate, the Government has provided Close Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV) to the police department. These cameras will be installed in the city at various points. Towers have already been put up to install the cameras. These cameras have been functional in several cities of DK District. District Superintendent of Police Dr M B Boralingaiah

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power,” ? Abraham Lincoln The above quote coming from Abraham Lincoln has been proved right thousands of times in history. Time and again we have seen people in power doing all that they can within and outside their limits to showcase what their real character is. The case of the BJP government in Karnataka in

The longstanding dream of backward community leader Siddaramaiah of heading the State has come to be a reality. The coveted post which he missed after having almost reached to it, has now come to him to stay. It is evident that the Congress has received the votes of the backward community in large numbers and nobody can refute or deny that the Congress could garner this section's vote only because

The spectacularNavarathri' celebration at Kudroli's Shree Gokarnatheshwara temple is known world-over for its opulence and grandeur. Credit for this in no small measure goes to the tireless work undertaken by the temple trustees under the baton of former Union Minister B. Janardhana Poojary. It was Poojary who first introduced the theme ofMangalore Dasara Shobha Yathra' in the year 1991. The

Diwali or Deepavali thefestival of lights' is here in Mangalore in all its glittering glory. Derived from the Sanskrit word,Deepavali' signifies a line-up of lighteddiyas,' (lamps). Display of clay or earthen lamps is a distinctive feature of this Hindu festival of five days. In days of yore small traditional lamps were being used to usher in Goddess Laxmi into people's homes. However, with

A fascinating piece of news to warm the cockles of any gizmo geek's heart!!! A 55x40 mm pocket-sized Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera which in all probability may be the world's tiniest working replica of a SLR handy-cam. The brain-child of soft-spoken graphic designer and photography aficionado Krishna Kumar from Kasargod district in Kerala; the compact creation has been named Cu327 (The chemical