KSCC launches humanitarian services amid covid-19 lockdown

Media Release
May 14,2020

Dubai: A non-profitable social organization, KSCC is delivering a great service to the community during this pandemic situation.

Karnataka Sports and Cultural Club is a civil organization registered under Community Development Authority (CDA) involved in implementing various UAE government initiatives, blood donation drives, health campaigns, sport events, charity works, awareness programs and much more.

KSCC is currently actively liaising with Dubai government authorities in discharging the needs and requirements of the people in these challenging covid-19 pandemic times. It is also involved the activities such as logistics, coordinating stores, mobilizing isolation centers, equipping quarantine facilities and volunteering services.

During these testing times, KSCC is also facilitating the Guidance to the general public, follow-up up to 122 covid positive cases, counselling the affected, assisting the references and providing the ever-necessary emotional support by setting up a team of 24 reserved persons for call center helplines.

As per the request from DHA (Dubai Health Authority) KSCC has successfully organized the blood donation drive and donated upto 141 units of blood with the help of KSCC members & supporters.

Apart from above, KSCC is also engaged in serving needy by distributing the food provisional kit (Yestahloon) from the very 1st day of lockdown till day by their special task force team under guidelines of CDA, and also taking into consideration the month of Ramadan, team is successfully distributing Iftar food & provision kit with the help of donors.

In the 1st Phase, KSCC covered 2421 beneficiaries by providing 440 provisional food kits, 435 food pack and 529 Iftar kits.

As per the CDA guidelines, club is also engaged in following up the health condition of senior citizens living in UAE.

KSCC special team is also engaged in clearing documentation and formalities related to dead body repatriation until its final procedures and handing over to relatives with help of UAE governments authorities. Total 5 dead bodies are repatriated in their 1st phase of service.

KSCC is also having a center controlled special task team to assist all above activities during the covid-19 pandemic to continue the services to general public.

KSCC thanks all Government authorities, Members in different task team, supporters and Sponsors company MAERSK, MALABAR GOLD & DIAMOND and TAMIL ENTREPRENEUR for their support and also request extend their support to consolidate the above demanding service and deliver our best possible assistance not only because it is the month of Ramadan, but also our responsibility to reach out to the poor and needy, during this fight against Covid-19.


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Kuwait: India Social Forum holds blood donation camp

Media Release
August 9,2020

Kuwait City, Aug 9: Indian social forum organised Blood Donation Camp in association with central blood bank kuwait on Friday, 7th August 2020.

The forum organised camp to support the high demand of blood in the context of COVID-19.

All arrangements to maintain COVID-19 protocol were made in the camp including segregation of donors as branch wise batches along with strict safety measures of participants.

Forum also had donated blood to many patients during the lockdown period. 

Hundreds of people donated blood in the camp. The camp organised in Blood Bank, Jabriya was successfully managed by Dr. Asma Rafat and leaders of Indian social forum Vice President Aslam, Secretory Sayyid Bukhari Thangal, Moideen Koya, Khaleel, Aseem, Mohammed Sha, Shihab, Naushad,
Indian Social Forum expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude to the doctors, staff and management of blood bank, forum’s members and donors.

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Karnataka NRI Forum Jeddah repatriates 177 stranded Kannadigas from Saudi Arabia

Media Release
July 30,2020

flight 1.jpg

Jeddah: The first chartered flight for repatriation passengers from Jeddah to Bengaluru organized by Karnataka NRI Forum Jeddah – Saudi Arabia was successfully landed at Bengaluru airport by 01.00 am on 19th July 2020.

Spice Jet (SG9884) departed from King Abdul Aziz International Airport Jeddah by 05.00 pm local time with 177 stranded passengers which includes 12 Pregnant Woman, 3 infants, 44 Short term visa holders, 3 medical emergency patients and 115 migrate workers and labours from various districts of Karnataka state.

Karnataka NRI Forum Jeddah, a registered charitable organization under Government of Karnataka & Indian Consulate Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, helping the Kannadigas overseas & in Karnataka State as well, has initiated major role for helping stranded Kannadigas to travel back to home. During Pandemic hundreds of stranded Kannadigas were approached to the forum and requested to arrange special chartered flight to Bengaluru from Jeddah.

Initiating from collecting the data of passengers, the forum’s special panel including its President Mr. Mohammed Mansoor, Secretary Mr. Peter Mascarenes, Vice Presidents Mr. Nasir Khurshid, Dr.Ashfaque Maniyar, Chief Coordinator Mr. Shaikh Saoud, Cultural Secretaries Mr. Arifulla Shariff and Mr. Rajesh Suvarna, Treasurer Mr. Habib Rahman and Press Secretary Mr. Baig, the forum’s members have worked very hard to conclude this task very successful. 

The forum provided food packets as refreshment, complementary PPE kitsto each passenger as precaution against the spread of any infections while travelling and also guided all passengers by supporting them in Awdha portal (Saudi Passport Department) and Seva Sindhu portal registration of Government of Karnataka.

The official travel partner ITL Travel Management Company has rendered remarkable service to the passengers not only in ticketing but also supported with top priority in confirming the aircraft from SPICE JET and availed good service from ground staff at Jeddah Airport. 

All passengers have reached safely to their homes after completing the 7 days institutional quarantine at Bengaluru. 100% passengers had NEGETIVE report on Covid-19 test made on arrival as well as after institutional quarantine. 

In the press release published from the President, Mr. Mohammed Mansoor has expressed his prodigious gratitude to the Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia H. E. Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Deputy Consul General of India - Jeddah Mr. Y Saber and Chief Minister of Karnataka State Shri B. S. Yediyurappafor providing necessary approvals and NOC for the chartered flight operation. He also conveyed his boundless appreciationto Shri B. Y. Raghavendra, Member of Parliament Shimoga District (Karnataka) for his swift support extended to the forum and as well to Dr. Aarathi Krishna, Ex-Deputy Chairperson – NRI Forum of Karnataka – Government of Karnataka for her significant guidance and support on completing this mission.

The forum has thanked all the officers in King Abdul Aziz International Airport Jeddah and Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru for the facilities provided to the passengers. The Forum has thanked all passengers travelled for their calmness and also thanked to all other members of the forum, Staff of ITL Travels and SPICE JET for their tremendous support extended throughout the mission accomplishment.

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flight 3.jpg

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Flight chartered by Thumbay Group and BCF repatriates 186 Kannadigas stranded in UAE

Media Release
July 25,2020

In a humanitarian gesture to help fellow citizens in distress, the first in the series of chartered 
flights arranged by Thumbay Group, UAE and the Bearys Cultural Forum (BCF) Trust, 
Mangalore to repatriate stranded Kannadigas in the UAE took off from Ras Al Khaimah 
International Airport in the wee hours of 21st July 2020. The flight was fully occupied, with 186 passengers, all of them desperate to fly back to India for various reasons.

The initiative was conceived and implemented under the leadership of Dr. Thumbay Moideen - Founder President of Thumbay Group & Founder Patron of BCF and Dr. B K Yusuf, the 
President of BCF. The flight was organized on a purely charitable basis, with all necessary 
steps and precautions in place to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Thumbay Group assigned its fleet of buses to transport the passengers free of charge from their residences in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman to the airport. The organizers also provided free meals and refreshments to the passengers, in addition to PPE kits and face-shields distributed free of 

The passengers on the first flight included many elderly individuals, people with serious 
illnesses like heart-related health issues and diabetes, pregnant ladies and little children as well as people who had lost their jobs and those with expired visas. Dr. B K Yusuf – BCF President, Dr. Kaup Mohammed - BCF General Secretary, other office bearers of BCF, as well as Thumbay Group’s representatives Mr. Farhad C – Director of the Hospitality Division of 
Thumbay Group and Engr. Farwaz P. C. – COO of the Construction Division were present at 
the airport to see off the first group of passengers.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Thumbay Moideen said, “This joint initiative of Thumbay 
Group and BCF is to support our fellow Kannadigas desperate to fly back home. We are happy that we have been able to reach out to many of them, to help them fly home to their families. We thank the Governments of the UAE and India, and the Indian Consulate, Dubai, for their support in making this happen. In the coming days, many more stranded Kannadigas would be repatriated under this joint initiative.”
Dr. B K Yusuf thanked Dr. Thumbay Moideen and the office-bearers and members of BCF for 
their efforts to make the initiative a success.

“We are proud that this initiative has brought relief to many Kannadigas and their families today. BCF is grateful to Thumbay Group for its support and partnership for all our humanitarian programs for the support of the needy.”

Dr. Kaup Mohammed said that it was a matter of pride that the much-awaited Thumbay-BCF 
repatriation flight had been carried out successfully. “Measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the flight and its passengers throughout the journey,” he said. He also thanked all the social organizations including Bhatkal Jamath, BCCI, BWF, KCF, DKSC, Kodagu Kannadigas, 
Kannadiga Help Line, Dubai Konkans and KSS, for their support. He specially thanked Mr. 
Syed Hassan Razeen, the owner of ARISTOCRAT Travels for his support in the ticketing, 
boarding and related processes. On behalf of Milano Optics Group and Maxcare, free gift 
hampers were distributed to selected passengers.

The passengers were received at Mangalore airport under the leadership of Mr. Mumtaz Ali - patron of BCF and other distinguished personalities of Mangalore including Mr. Moidin Bava - former MLA, Mr U. T. Ifthikhar, Mr. S. M. R Rashid - President of BCCI central committee and many others. The passengers were transferred to the hotels where they had registered for the mandatory quarantine.

The second flight under this joint initiative is scheduled to take-off from Ras Al Khaimah airport to Mangalore on 24th July 2020. A few more similar repatriation flights are to soon follow, in the coming weeks.



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