Mohammed Asif
July 30, 2017

Unfortunately, within a few years after the enactment of the historic Right to Information Act, which helped unearth several scams across India, the common man has reached a juncture wherein he cannot even receive the ‘truthful information’ about the significant incidents or developments in the country. The truth is apparently being suppressed by the mainstream media that are being controlled by the rulers and their ‘corporate darlings’. If the media outlets do not suppress the ‘truth’, the former would be suppressed by the agencies of the government. The freedom of speech and expression is fully guaranteed only for trolls, the Indian counterparts of Chinese ‘50 Cent Party’. Aren’t we witnessing all these phenomena?

Many advocates of ‘democracy’ are of the opinion that the consequences of this ‘undeclared emergency’ are more serious than that of the national emergency of 1975. Today, the shocking silence of a major section of the mainstream media over the suppression of their own rights has given a shot in the arm for the oppressors. A question arises: Why, really, are the mainstream media so frightened of coming to grips with the truth? The truth to which I am referring is, of course, that which relates to the absolute failure of the government to safeguard the interests of the nation.

Forget the countless unfulfilled promises and brazen U-turns, the undemocratic measures and pro-corporate policies of the government are posing grave threat to the future of the nation. Can these merciless tyrants, their visionless programmes, endless foreign junkets, pointless ‘man-ki-baatein’, hopeless political parties, their senseless troll-brigade, pitiless corporate companies, jobless youth, their worthless degrees, landless farmers, careless bureaucracy, cashless banks, penniless citizens, valueless currency and shameless media collectively bring ‘achhe din’ in the country?

But, the common people of Indian should always remain optimists as their forefathers have overcome far greater challenges in the past. We are confident of overcoming the present anarchy too. The citizens who are now hostages to the artificial hatred, fear and fantasies created by the politicians will soon recognize the real anti-nationals, who are literally selling the rights of Indians to the multi-national companies one by one. The awakening among the common people will be the end of tyranny and rejuvenation of world’s largest democracy. To instil democratic thoughts and positivity among its readers scattered across the world and remind them of their rights and responsibilities is one of the humble aims of coastaldigest.com which is fully ‘independent’. We join hands and voices with all those who uphold democratic values and strive for ‘liberty’, ‘equality’ and ‘fraternity’ with a hope that soon democracy will prevail, truth will replace lies and common man will experience the true democracy.


Monday, 14 Aug 2017

Unfortunately - Talking reality, we dont have right to celebrate the freedom day. Honestly referring, what did we do to fulfil the legacy of our forefathers, who sacrificed for the nation forgetting their creed, race, class.


In short span of time, the countries like Japan, Korea have reached pinnacle, reigning the title as developed nations. We are taking double of its time, having  100-1000times the resources of these countries, we are going back to pre-independence day. Our ancestor's struggle went in vain.


We are busy in fighting ourselves, then how can we defend from the external threats.

We dont have faith in what we say  ' SATYA MEVA JAYATE).

We are busy in asking sing  VANDE MATARAM.   We are reinventing the wheel.


My dear young  fellow citizens,  future generations, wake up at least you do something what has not being done now. Unite together, call for national unity of all. Suppress the dividing communities. Defeat them.

Islamic teaching is  always in the forefront to defend the nation, as long as the  confrontation is justifiable.

Islam discourages the surrendering to enemy forces.





Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017

In reply to by Muhammed Ali Uchil

Good comment sir. very meaningful words.

Muhammed Ali Uchil
Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017


Super article, also to add-Stop this silence around lynching of innocent people, hate crimes .India fights a shockingly violent war within, as citizens stain their hands with blood of fellow citizens. A very serious challenge Modi Government must confront. They cannot pretend to be an innocent bystander while these barbaric acts happen on their watch!

Congratulations to Coastal Digest for beautiful New Look.

Akshata Bhat
Sunday, 30 Jul 2017

Excellent message. You nailed it. home the nation and its media will get back on track soon. 

Nistar Madikeri
Sunday, 30 Jul 2017

Hahaha, Is this squirrel service to build the nation? Anyway good message.  

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