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June 2, 2017

18 miscarriages later, 38-year-old Agra woman delivers baby boy


Agra, Jun 2: In what doctors are calling a medical miracle of sorts, a 38-year-old woman has given birth to a child after 18 miscarriages in 20 years. Both mother and child are doing well, said the doctor couple who conducted a laparoscopic surgery on her to hold the fetus in the uterus. They plan to apply and get the case registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.baby

A resident of Hathigarhi village in Barhan area of Agra and from a family of farmers, the woman, Rajani, suffered from a medical condition which led to miscarriage in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy every time she conceived. She suffered 18 miscarriages, her husband Prem Kumar said, listing hospitals they went to earlier. Rajani was finally operated at a private hospital here by Dr Amit Tandon, a laparoscopic surgeon, and Dr Vaishali, IVF specialist.

Tandon said: "Rajani suffered from incompetent cervix, a condition where the mouth of the uterus is too weak to hold the fetus and miscarriage occurs after 5-6 months of pregnancy. She was treated at a number of nursing homes and underwent cervical stitches but she failed to continue with the pregnancy."

The doctor duo after conducting detailed investigations came up with the conclusion that only stitches high up on the uterus could hold her pregnancy. Tandon did laparoscopic stitching of her cervix when she was three and half months pregnant.

18 miscarriages later, 38-year-old Agra woman delivers baby boy


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