Customer Satisfaction is our greatest achievement: Anil Lobo, Chairman, MCC Bank Ltd

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November 23, 2022


The Mangalorean Catholic Cooperative Bank, popularly known as MCC Bank Ltd, celebrating post centenary decennial year on 27th November 2022, is a living example of the remarkable growth and all-round development of an institution, if youth leaders with progressive vision and community concern get an opportunity to lead the institution.

The present Chairman of the MCC bank, Mr. Anil Lobo, who hails from Fermai, formerly a part of Omzoor parish in the dioceses of Mangalore is known as grass root leader with a vision. His leadership qualities were nurtured from the Omzoor ICYM unit, grown at Fermai, Valencia in various parish-level organizations like Catholic Sabha, and Parish Council, and community organizations like Rachana.  

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Once the present Chairman, Mr. Anil Lobo took over the mantle of MCC Bank Ltd, in the year 2018 with a clear majority, branches and the administrative office transformed into customer-friendly service zones. Customers can feel the vibrancy in the smiles of the staff in each and every bank.

Soon after assuming the charge as the chairman of the bank, Chairman, Mr. Anil Lobo’s first task was improvisation in customer service. For the past 4 years, the Bank has trained its staff in various professional and soft skills. As a result customers of the bank rate services of the MCC Bank in par excellence with other nationalized banks. Apart from the friendly customer service, customers of the MCC Bank are of the opinion that interest rates on deposits and other products are most competitive compared to other banks.

Chairman Mr. Anil Lobo says “ MCC Bank Ltd is a limited bank. It’s not a credit cooperative or souharda society. The state cooperative department looks after the registration and other statutory requirements. All remaining banking transactions come directly under the Reserve Bank of India, just like any other commercial or nationalized bank.  The bank needs to comply with the guidelines and directions issued by the RBI from time to time. Just like any other nationalized or commercial bank, MCC Bank customers are protected under DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee  Corporation) cover up to Rs. Five Lakhs for their deposits. There is a misunderstanding among a few that MCC Bank has no provision to operate trust (12A) accounts. This is totally false and baseless. Churches, Schools, and any other trusts and organizations can operate accounts in MCC Bank without any hindrance.  The bank has posted expert opinions from statutory and financial experts on our websites. Readers can find the link here:

Regarding the renovation, and relocation of the branches in the past years, Chairman Mr. Anil Lobo, says “ MCC Bank is just like a family. Every customer is just like a family member and he deserves to be treated like that. As and when a customer enters the branch they should get a homely feeling. The infrastructure of the branch and the service of the staff instill a feeling of security and trust in the customer. The entire banking industry today runs on trust and the location of the bank, infrastructure, and customer-friendly service are essential to gain and retain customers’ trust. In the fast four years from cyber security to GST, the bank has trained its staff in all areas, from the best experts available in respective areas. Now if you visit any of our branches, our staff is fully equipped with all the basic and advanced information related to banking. If we look at other banks, they have staff training colleges to train their staff. MCC Bank is completing 110 years of existence with 16 branches spread over twin districts. We were lacking a state-of-the-art staff training center to train our staff. So we decided to have a full-fledged staff training center at the administrative office.

Regarding the stability and sustainable growth of the Bank, Chairman Mr. Anil Lobo says, “Banking industry always grows on the trust of its customers. Having said that, mere air-conditioned branches and service with a smile are not enough to gain and retain customers' trust. The financial health of the bank should be stable. For example, if we go to a physician for a health check, the first thing the physician will do is check the blood pressure. If the blood pressure is normal, one can say the health is fine. I always say NPA ( Non-performing Assets )  is like the blood pressure of the bank. If NPA is under control, in banking, most things are under control. Next comes profit, capital, and other things, which are expert areas”
“In the year 2020, the NPA of the bank was 7.17%. This year, as of 31.03.2022,   it is 1.60%.  In spite of pandemic adverse situations, we have done it. And in the history of 110 years of the bank, this is the lowest one. The net profit of the bank has grown from 3.66 crores to 8.27 crores from 2018 to 2022. These indicators are more than enough to state that  MCC Bank is stable in growth and economically healthy”

Responding to the query, what is the basis to believe these figures? Chairman Anil Lobo says, “ All the above figures were derived after not one but four stringent audits, that too under the supervision of RBI. Reserve bank audit means it is just like an acid test. There is no scope for any laxity. Unaware of these formalities some comment that figures are fabricated. Forget about fabrication, there is no scope for 0.001 variations in figures. Apart from reserve bank audits, there are other audits like internal audits, statutory audits, and concurrent audits. The figures appearing on the final balance sheet as on 31st March 2022 are derived after passing through all these mandatory audits. If the same health example can be elaborated further, apart from blood pressure, sometimes physicians conduct MRI, Echo, CT Scan, and other advanced tests just to reassure the health of an individual. The Bank too cleared all advanced tests and its health of the bank is excellent”

About the implementation of Digital platforms in the banking system, the chairman Mr. Anil Lobo says “A few years ago even the passbook printing facility was not available in the bank. Bank staff were struggling to update entries in the passbook manually. The banks established after MCC Bank grew into scheduled banks and they even introduced core banking and installed ATMs in their branches. Nowadays technology is growing very fast. Within a very short period of time, 3G technology became outdated and now we are already in 5G technology. Keeping pace with fast-changing technology is not easy. But in our bank, we have a dedicated IT Team for this task. The bank has the latest version of core banking software, we have our own ATM, Out of 16 branches, 14 branches have already upgraded to fully air-conditioned environments. The remaining 2 will be upgraded soon. We have an easy to a user-friendly mobile banking app, where customers can pay electricity, telephone, and other utility bills and recharge mobiles. The IMPS facility is completely free on the mobile banking app. Before March 2023 the bank will start UPI and all other facilities for digital platforms. Soon customers will be able to do major banking transactions from home.

Elaborating further on the post-centenary decennial celebrations of the bank, chairman Mr. Anil Lobo says, “ MCC Bank is a community bank. 110 years of community banking means a lot to the community which contributed to the growth of trade and commerce in the region. This year the Bank has already declared and credited a 10% dividend to the shareholders. As stated earlier, credit cooperatives or Souhrada societies can pay more dividends to their shareholders as they are not supposed to pay income tax.  But as a bank, MCC Bank has to pay income tax.   Though the bank is not in a position to pay a higher dividend, a community bank always extends support to the community's needs.  To commemorate post centenary decennial year special deposit scheme is announced for a limited period at the interest  rate of 7.60%


The bank pays 5% interest on student saving bank accounts and lends education loans to the students for higher studies @8.75% Bank encourages Konkani language activities by providing the newly built PFX Saldanha Auditorium to Konkani literary activities and programs free of cost. Apart from this on the occasion of the post-centenary decennial celebration, the bank is distributing financial aid towards education, treatment, house repairs, and marriage cost of daughters for the needy of the community ranging from 10 to 15 lakhs. As a community bank, the bank responds well to the community needs and  tries its level best to discharge community responsibilities”



Speaking about the major achievement of his team and tenure,  Chairman Mr. Anil Lobo says, “   Customer satisfaction is a major achievement of our tenure. First time in the 110 years history of the bank we were successful in pulling down the NPA of the bank to 1.60%. This is remarkable. While speaking about the NPA, we only speak about bad debts or unrecovered loans.  But to me every inch of space is NPA.  There was no lift and ramp in our administrative office. Senior citizens and specially-abled abled persons visiting the head office find it difficult to climb the stairs. So we built the ramp and installed the lift. There was no proper parking area in the administrative office. A piece of land was lying idle behind the bank. The bank converted the space into a parking zone. On the second floor of the administrative office, an auditorium in memory of our founder PFX Saldanha, State of an art staff training center, and two restrooms for the resource persons were built. Not only the administrative office, most of the branches either upgraded or shifted to the premises with parking, ramp, and lift facility. Customers are the backbone of the bank and their satisfaction is the greatest achievement of our tenure”


Those who know Mr. Anil Lobo, personally know his persona. He is the most grass root level worker grown into the most practical community leader in society. Besides community service, he is involved in various social activities which promote brotherhood. He is the youngest elected Chairman in the 110 years history of the MCC Bank Ltd.

In his concluding remarks, he says “We are living in a very competitive world. Not alone banking, all sectors face tough challenges, sometimes challenges of survival. Bearing this in mind the bank administrative office exteriors upgraded to a corporate look. Continuing the legacy of our ancestors should be our responsibility, and developing it should be our duty. “  

Post-Centenary Decennial Celebrations

To commemorate the post-centenary decennial celebrations of the bank a grand event has been organized on Sunday 27 November 2022 at Milagres College Grounds, Hampankata, Mangaluru at 5.45 p.m.

The celebration will start with a thanksgiving Eucharistic mass at 3.45 p.m at our lady of miracles church, Mangalore.  Most Rev Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop,  Dioceses of   Mangalore will inaugurate the stage program. Most Rev Dr. Gerald Isac Lobo, Bishop, Diocese of Udupi will bless the celebrations. Shri Vedavyasa Kamath, Hon’ble  MLA, Mangalore South, and Dr. Ronald Colaco, NRI Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, UAE  will be the chief guests.

Chairman Mr. Anil Lobo has requested the members and customers of the bank to kindly grace and enhance the joy of celebration.

Vehicle parking is available at Milagres Church, Milagres Hall, and the ground opposite Hotel Motimahal.  The Celebration will conclude with the Diner and the stage program will be followed by a cultural program by renowned artists. 


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News Network
May 30,2023

Bengaluru, May 30: In connection with the hijab ban in schools and colleges in Karnataka, state Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa on Tuesday said the Congress government will take a decision which would benefit all students.

Speaking to reporters, Bangarappa admitted that were a few legal roadblocks over the hijab issue, but "we will take a decision which will benefit the whole student community".

"We will also pursue the matter legally keeping the interest of all students in mind," he said.

Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar and the Congress had vehemently stated that including the ban on hijab, all laws made on communal basis by the former BJP government would be withdrawn once the Congress assumed power in the state.

Cabinet Minister Priyank Kharge has also maintained that the Congress will withdraw the ban on hijab, halal cut and cow slaughter laws.

The hijab row, which was initially started by six students of the Udupi Pre-University Girls College, quickly turned to a fulll blown crisis in the state last year.

The students refusing to attend classes without hijab still maintain that they will wait until a final verdict is given by the Supreme Court.

The issue had taken a communal turn and resulted in revenge killings in the state.

In his address to the reporters on Tuesday, Bangarappa further said that there was no confusion over textbooks and uniforms.

"All preparations are made to commence the schools for the academic year. I am visiting a school in Shivamogga and welcoming students to schools. The Department of Education is ready. The children can come to schools with all the joy and without any concerns," he said.

Following Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's firm words that he wouldn't allow texts and lessons that poison children's minds, Bangarappa stated that the textbook revision exercise would be taken up in a phased manner.

The Congress party had assured textbook revision in its manifesto.

"The revision exercise would be taken up in a phased manner. Whichever lesson threatens to poison the minds of children would be changed," he said.

Bangarappa further stated that the future course of action would be initiated after getting guidance from Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar.

"I have already discussed the matter with the Chief Minister and he has given suggestions," he added. 


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News Network
June 10,2023

Bengaluru, June 10: As the stage is set for the launch of first of the five poll guarantees, ‘Shakti’, offering free travel in government buses for women in Karnataka, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday clarified that they can travel up to 20 km inside the states that share border with Karnataka free of cost and not beyond that.

The Chief Minister said he along with Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar and Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy will launch the scheme from Vidhana Soudha on Sunday.

"We are launching one of the five guarantees at Vidhana Soudha at 11 AM. All women will be entitled to travel within the state free of cost in all the (state-owned) buses other than AC and Volvo including express bus services," Siddaramaiah told reporters.

If women want to travel in inter-state bus then the service is not free, the Chief Minister said adding, if a woman wishes to go to Tirupati, she cannot travel free of cost. She can go up to Mulbagal (Kolar district bordering Andhra Pradesh) and after that it’s not available, he explained.

However those travelling up to 20 km inside the neighbouring states will not be charged.

"For example, from Ballari to 20 km inside Andhra Pradesh, they (women) can go free of cost," Siddaramaiah said.

Explaining about the launch of four other guarantees, the Chief Minister said 'Gruha Jyoti' offering 200 free units of electricity to domestic consumers will be launched from Kalaburagi from July 1.

The same day, 'Anna Bhagya' scheme offering 10 kg free rice or food grain to the BPL families will be launched from Mysuru.

Regarding ‘Gruha Lakshmi’ scheme (Providing monthly financial assistance of Rs.2,000 to the head woman of a house), the Chief Minister said it will be launched on August 16 from the district headquarter town of Belagavi.

"We will call for applications for Gruha Lakshmi scheme from July 15, which will be processed till August 15. After that, we will launch it from August 16, most likely in Belagavi,” he said.

About 'Yuva Nidhi' scheme offering unemployment allowance of ₹3,000 to the graduates and ₹1,500 to the diploma holders, Siddaramaiah said those graduates and diploma holders who passed the exams in 2022-23 will get the allowance for 24 months if they do not get job within six months of passing their exam.

"We will give them allowance for 24 months. They have to find a job within the time. If they get a job either in government or private sector, then the allowance will be stopped," the Chief Minister clarified.

When asked how the government will ascertain that the beneficiary has got the job, he said, "Do you think government will not know? We will gather all the information. We will take action against those making false declaration."

To a question on the financial health of the state to implement these schemes, Siddaramaiah counter posed the reporter, "Why do you bother about government’s headache? We will definitely do it."

About the BJP’s allegation that the state’s treasury will be empty to fulfill these guarantees, the Chief Minister charged that the BJP did not do anything when in power and now it was simply issuing statements.

"Did they (BJP) do anything? I am the Finance Minister. Who are they (BJP) to say?" he said.

Regarding people complaining that they were getting hefty electricity bills, Siddaramaiah clarified that the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission revises the electricity tariff in March or April every year and implements it in June.

This year too it was hiked even before the Congress came to power. Due to model code of conduct for the 2023 assembly elections, which came into effect from March 29, the revision of power tariff was put on hold. Now it will be implemented from June.

Replying to a query on 'Gruha Jyoti' scheme, Siddaramaiah said it was not mandatory to avail free electricity as some people may opt for it and others give it up.

"If you say that you don’t want it then why should I insist for it?" he explained.

According to Siddaramaiah, the electricity is free up to 200 units but everyone does not use 200 units of power because average domestic electricity consumption in the state is 53 units only.

"Some may spend 65 units, 70 units or 80 units. Whatever average power you consume, we will give 10 per cent extra unit. People are saying 200 units free power is being given. But your consumption is 80 units. Why will you take 200 units? If we give 200 units free, then people will misuse it. So, it should not happen," the Chief Minister pointed out.


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News Network
June 5,2023


Bengaluru, June 5: The state's Budget will be tabled on July 7, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Monday, as all eyes watch how the government will make the necessary funds allocations, given that it has undertaken to start implementing all five of its poll guarantees within the financial year.

The chief minister said the Cabinet has not yet discussed about the Budget but the Assembly session will start from July 3, and after the discussion on the Governor's speech, the Budget will be tabled on July 7.

"We are convening the Budget Session where we will table the Budget on July 7. We will make provisions for the implementation of the promises made in our manifesto," Siddaramaiah said. When asked about the size of the Budget, he said he would be able to speak on the matter only after the Budget preparatory meeting starts.

The chief minister pointed out that the size of the budget tabled by the previous government ahead of the election was Rs 3.08 lakh crore.

Regarding revisiting the anti-cow-slaughter law as stated by Karnataka Animal Husbandry Minister K Venkatesh, the chief minister said he will discuss it in the Cabinet.

According to him, there already existed a Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964 but it lacked clarity due to which an amendment was brought. However, the Congress government again went back to the 1964 Act.

"They (BJP) had again brought an amendment. We will discuss in the Cabinet. We have not decided anything yet," the CM clarified.

On the issue of hike in electricity tariff by Rs 2.89 per unit, Siddaramaiah said the decision was not taken by the government but the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC).

"We do not decide hike in electricity tariff. There is Karnataka electricity regulatory authority, which has decided. It had decided in the past. We have only implemented it," he explained.

Regarding Indira Canteens, Siddaramaiah said he has directed the officials to make all preparations to start them again.


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