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December 27, 2016

Kuwait: IMA holds programme on ‘Investment Opportunities for Expats’

Media Release

Kuwait: Indian Muslim Association- Kuwait, conducted a counselling program on ‘Investment Opportunities for Expats’ recently at Indian Community School, Senior Branch, Salmiya.

The program started with recitation of verses from The Holy Quran by Master Ismail Mohammed Hasan followed by translation.Experts from the field delivered speeches on key topics related to the Program theme, “Investment Opportunities for Expats”.

Mr. Jamal Jaffar commenced his topic on the General Investment with a presentation enunciating two categories of the available general investments; Direct Investment and Indirect Investments. He explained various categories of investments opportunities available in the direct category of investments such as fixed deposits, real estate, stock markets etc.

Whereas indirect investments will include investments real estate funds, stock funds, hire purchase/leasing funds etc. Mr. Jamal Jaffar further highlighted the risk and return award on each category of investments. For e.g. For an investor the investment in fixed deposit with a bank yields a low rate of return vis a vis an equity stock investment with a high yield however the risk is quite high in such categories of the investment. He enunciated that the investor should be careful and adjudge the underlying risk under each category of investment before making any decision.

Mr. Firdaus Alam Khan commenced his topic on “Stock Market Trading for Beginners-Fundamental Analysis” presenting to audience the mode and methodology of an analysis to be performed before any decisions are taken for any stock investment. He emphasized a basic analysis needs to be performed in terms of the industry, the nature of business, senior management, objectives, history, background, etc. before any particular stock is selected for an investment. The most important methodology to adjudge any stock is to review its financial statements which comprise of the director’s report, audit report, balance sheet, income statement, profit and loss and notes to accounts.

Mr. Firdaus Khan stressed to state that should the investor fail to perform the above basic analysis and financial statements review, it might result in to an absolutely improper stock investment and investors should avoid investing based on recommendation, tips, investment for day trading and gambling etc. He ended his speech by enumerating the sources where an investors can obtain the stock information’s and as well as welcome the audience to approach him through his email or phone should any information be required.

Mr. Mohammed Hasan Noor commenced his topic on “Stock Market Trading for Beginners-Technical Analysis” stating the importance of technical scrutiny is quite imperative before any stock investment. He enunciated that though the fundamental analysis as stated by Mr. Firdaus Alam Khan is quite important for any stock selection however technical analysis equally carries the same weightage. It may happen that any of the stock might have strong fundamental however the market price of that particular stock might be overvalued due to significant demand or other factors. This might result in the investor buying a stock at higher market price then its actual value.

Mr. Hasan emphasized that the timing of purchase of any stock needs to be adjudged thoroughly and there are various methods or techniques to adjudge it. He demonstrated some of the techniques through graphs and line charts which enlightened the audience on the relevance of the market trading price of the stocks. He too ended his speech by enumerating the sources where an investors can obtain the information and as well as welcome the audience to approach him through his email or phone should any further clarifications be required.

There was a Question and Answer session at the end of the program where in all the 3 speakers took time to answer all the queries and made sure audience went home with all their concerns addressed. Mr. Yusuf Chorghay convened the event. Snacks were served at the end of the program.

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Kuwait: IMA holds programme on ‘Investment Opportunities for Expats’


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