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March 30, 2017

Dr B K Yusuf re-elected president of Bearys Cultural Forum

Media Release

Dubai: Bearys Cultural Forum (BCF) Trust conducted its general body meeting at the Bangalore Restaurant Banquet Hall in Dubai, UAE. The BCF has entered into the 16th year of operations in the United Arab Emirates and India.

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Mr. Ashraf Satikal did Quran recitation. Dr. Kaup started the AGM and said that the AGM will be presided over by Dr. B.K. Yusuf, the President of BCF. Dr. B.K. Yusuf has expressed his gratitude to all BCF committee members for their relentless support and unity in carrying out the charitable activities. .By referring to Islamic teachings, he elaborated that Allah has given the promise in the holy Quran that any good deeds by the human being will be surely rewarded and hence Allah will reward us all for whatever BCF has contributed for the betterment of the society. He also mentioned about the future plans of BCF in line with its plan to establish a BCF Educational Institution in Mangalore. He recalled all the pleasant moments spent in BCF and quoted the famous lines of famous Kannada poet Kuvempu –“kaleda hindina dinagalanu nenedindu belaguva dinagala” (let us enlighten our coming days with the sweet memories of bygone days)..

Mr. Ashraf Satikal, the Chairman of the AGM committee also welcomed every one for the AGM and also thanked all the audience and the members who have attended this AGM. He also mentioned all the members to elect good and efficient committee for the year 2017- 18.

Mr. M.E. Moolur, the Vice President thanked Allah for bestowing a great platform of social service like BCF and granting opportunity to dedicate a fraction of Life and Resources for the betterment of society through BCF. Quoting verses from Quran, told that Islam and Humanity are like 2 sides of the same coin. One cannot be complete Muslim unless he becomes a loving and compassionate human being. Quoting a famous Kannada Poet, he mentioned that, living with concerns about others is more meaningful than living self centered. He gave a brief introduction of BCF and all the charitable activities it carried in the last 2 years.

Mr. Latif Mulky, the Vice President of BCF said that, BCF has completed more than 16 years, it is a good achievement for all the bearys and the BCF. He also mentioned that, BCF has a good identity in front of the public. Dr. Yusuf's leadership has shown the road to success. Once again he congratulated to all. Mr. Ameeruddin SI the Vice President said that he is very happy to be present at the AGM and congratulated all the members for attending this meeting. Mr. Afeeq Hussain, VP also congratulated all the members. He requested BCF and its members to create an identity by starting a school.

Mrs. Mumtaz Zakir, the President of Ladies Wing also congratulated everyone on the eve of the AGM. She said that, everyone should do good work. Mrs. Mumtaz also mentioned that all should support ladies committee so that they can also play a major role in the development the BCF, the bearys and the society. Mr. Habeeb Adoor, a well wisher of BCF said that all should do good work in the field of education, health, food, shelter, etc. He also said that there is a need for ladies hostel and also a need for international syllabus in the education system. He said all of us should work hard for doing a project.

Dr. Kaup presented the video show and a ppt on the BCF's activities and projects. The Hon. General Secretary Dr. Kaup read the minutes of the meeting for 2015 and 2016 and same was confirmed by the General Body Members. Dr. Kaup appraised the social activities done by BCF in the UAE and India. He mentioned that BCF primarily conducts Students educational Scholarship function every year whereby more than 650 poor students are issued educational scholarships in Mangalore.

He mentioned that, BCF is concentrated on issuing educational scholarship which leads to a platform for bringing up the poor family in terms of their status, livelihood and education. Dr. Kaup mentioned that till today in the last 12 years, BCF has issued scholarship to more than 10,000 students. Dr. Kaup further mentioned that, BCF is conducting Iftar party every year in Dubai which is normally chaired by Mr. Abdul Lathif Mulky and his team members. Similarly, he mentioned that BCF conducts every year sports festival which has been chaired by various chair persons such as Mr. Afeeq Hussain and Mr. Sajpa. In addition to this, BCF also conducts bi-yearly Bearys get together function. Dr. Kaup mentioned that this year BCF is going to conduct World Beary Convention. Dr. Kaup also mentioned that, BCF never forgets to felicitate dignatories and Ministers coming from India to the UAE.

Mr. Abdul Lathif Mulky, the Vice President, thanked all the members and read the list of items/gifts maintained by BCF for the year 2015 and 2016. Mr. Ataullah presented the statement of accounts for the year 2015 and 2016. Dr. Kaup, the internal Auditor presented the Audit Report of BCF for the period 2015 and 2016.

All the members of the Managing Committee for the year 2015 and 2016 were relieved and the platform was given to the AGM Chairman Mr. Ashraf Satikal and his team and the Election Officer Mr. Iqbal Mepha to manage the election process for BCF.

Dr. B.K. Yusuf, Dr. Kaup Mohamed and all the Vice Presidents thanked all the members for providing an opportunity to serve BCF in the year 2015 and 2016. All mentioned that the strengths of BCF are its members who work day and night to serve the poor people of the society in the State of Karnataka in India.

Hassan Darvesh is the Ambassador of BCF. Zafarullah Khan is the chief advisor Dr. Thumbay Moideen is founder patron. Fataullah Tonse is honorary advisor. Mumtaz Ali is NRI patron.

The following members were elected to the Central Executive Committee and Ladies Wing Executive Committee for the year 2017 and 2018.

Name Post
Dr. B.K.Yusuf President
M.E. Muloor Vice President
Abdul Lathif Mulky Vice President
Ameeruddin S.I. Vice President
Afeeq Hussain Vice President
Dr. Kaup Mohammed General Secretary
Mohammed Iqbal Joint Secretary
Abdul Rahman Sajipa Joint Secretary
Athaulla G.K Treasurer
Abdul Nawaz Kotekar Joint Treasurer
Dr. Kaup Mohammed Auditor
M.B.Akbar Cultural & Entertainment Secretary
Usman Muloor Co Ordinator (Dubai)
Abdul Gafoor Parengipete Co Ordinator (Sharjah)
Ashraf Satikal Co Ordinator (Ajman, UAQ/Rak)
Mumtaz Hussain Cash Officer
Sulaiman Muloor Exe Member
Yakoob Dewa Exe Member
Usman Muloor Exe Member
Aslam Karaje Exe Member
Kalil Basha Exe Member
Samad Birali Exe Member
Rafeeq Mulky Exe Member
Rafeeq Sathikal Exe Member
Hussain Sathikal Exe Member
Abdul Lathif Puttur Exe Member
Abdul Razak Muthikal Exe Member
Hameed Bajpe Exe Member
Ameer Moideen Exe Member
Mohammed Riyaz Surathkal Exe Member
Rafeeq Gurupura Exe Member
Sulaiman Moidin Beary Exe Member
Sheikh Fahad Parengipete Exe Member
Ashraf Sathikal Exe Member
Rafeeq Dalkaje Kolpe Exe Member
Niyas Mohammed Exe Member
Saleem Althaf Advisor
Habeeb Adoor Advisor

Ladies Wing:

Name Post
Mrs. Mumtaz Hussain President
Mrs. Shanaz Sulaiman Vice President
Mrs. Asiya M.E Secretary
Mrs. Zainab Usman Joint Secretary
Mrs. Ayesha Ameer Exe Member
Mrs. Tanzeema Riyaz Exe Member
Mrs. Farzana Latif

Dr B K Yusuf re-elected president of Bearys Cultural Forum


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