Karnataka Sangha Qatar honours N A Haris in community reception at Doha

Media Release
December 10, 2022


Karnataka Sangha Qatar in cooperation with Indian cultural Center hosted Indian Community Welcome reception to FIFA invited dignitary N. A. Haris, Vice-President - All India Football Federation (AIFF), President of Karnataka Football Association and member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly from Shanti Nagar Assembly, Bengaluru and felicitated him in traditional Mysore style on 21st November 2022 at Ashok Hall Auditorium of Indian Cultural Centre. 

Dignitaries present during this event was President of Indian Cultural Center P N Baburajan, Vice President of Indian Cultural Center Subramanaya Hebbgelu, President of ICBF Vinod Nair and members of Indian community members. The platform to this felicitation was created by Indian Cultural Centre to Honour the dignitaries visiting State of Qatar during the FIFA 2022 event.

Mahesh Gowda President - Karnataka Sangha Qatar welcomed the gathering and thanked N. A. Haris, for giving time for the reception and expressed confidence that under his leadership All India Football Federation will scale to greater heights, Mahesh gowda also thanked Indian cultural organisations for their invite and all Associated Organisations for felicitating the guest. 

PN Baburajan in his address briefed the dignitary about Indian Cultural Center and how ICC is involved in the FIFA 2022 celebrations. Vinod Nair in his speech mentioned about how we Indians are proud to be part of this success of FIFA and hoped that India qualify for world cups in future under the leadership of AIFF. Mr. NA Haris thanked Karnataka Sangha Qatar and Indian Cultural Center for their warm welcome and the opportunity to meet the community and briefed. 

Haris also briefed the audience about how AIFF new committee plans to strength football and also mentioned how Indian Ladies football team is getting stronger in these days. Program emcee was done by KSQ Joint secretary Mr. Manjoth and Vote of thanks by Sports Secretary Mr. Zakhir Ahmed.




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News Network
January 19,2023

Mangaluru, Jan 19: Dharmendra, the general secretary of the Karnataka state unit of Akhil Bharath Hindu Mahasabha, who is reportedly mulling contesting from Mangaluru North constituency in 2023 assembly polls, has raised voice against the reservation policy of Basavaraj Bommai led BJP government. 

Speaking to media persons here, the Hindutva leader said that movement against reservation will be carried out shortly. A meeting of those who oppose reservation will be convened in Mangaluru to decide on the future course of action, he added.

Already, anti-reservation committees have been constituted in 30 districts in the state and a protest is being planned at the Freedom Park in Bengaluru. He said that if the Congress divided the country on the basis of religion, the BJP is dividing Hindu society in an organised manner through reservation, which is against the constitution.

Dharmendra said: “Some mutt heads are engaged in a protest demanding reservation to a particular caste, and the BJP government is heeding to their demand and is announcing reservation.

The question is whether the act of mutt heads is justifiable.” He said the elected representatives have to be taught about reservation as envisaged by Dr B R Ambedkar in the constitution. Ambedkar wanted to give reservations only to the suppressed class for a few years to bring them to the mainstream of society.

Instead of allowing people to lead a dignified life with self-respect, the government is making them beg for quota, which is condemnable. He accused the BJP of using reservation for vote bank politics and to gain political mileage. ABHM is also considering approaching the high court in this regard.

Meanwhile, Mahasabha has decided to field candidates for the upcoming assembly elections in all constituencies in DK district. Dharmendra is likely to contest from Mangaluru North constituency.


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News Network
January 23,2023


Torrance, Jan 23: The hunt for a gunman who killed 10 people at a Los Angeles-area ballroom dance club ended Sunday when authorities found him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the van he used to flee after people thwarted his attempt at a second shooting.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna identified the man as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran and said no other suspects were at large.

He added that the motive remained unclear for the attack, which wounded 10 more.

Luna did not have the exact ages of the victims but said they all appeared to be over 50.

Seven of the wounded people remained in the hospital, he said.

"I still have questions in my mind, which is: What was the motive for this shooter? Did he have a mental illness? Was he a domestic violence abuser? How did he gets these guns and was it through legal means or not?” Congresswoman Judy Chu said.

Earlier Sunday, law enforcement officials swarmed and entered the van after surrounding it for for hours before going in.

A person's body appeared to be slumped over the wheel and was later removed from the vehicle.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna previously released photos of an Asian man who was believed to be the suspect.

The manhunt came after the gunman killed 10 people at a ballroom dance studio late Saturday amid Lunar New Years celebrations in the predominantly Asian American community of Monterey Park.

He likely tried and failed to target a second dance hall, authorities said.

The van was found in Torrance, another community home to many Asian Americans, about 22 miles (34.5 kilometers) from that second location.

The shooting sent a wave of fear through Asian American communities in the Los Angeles area and cast a shadow over Lunar New Year festivities around the country.

Other cities sent extra officers to watch over the celebrations.

“The community was in fear thinking that they should not go to any events because there was an active shooter,” Chu said. She added that she wants residents to now feel secure.

“Feel safe,” she said to residents during a press conference late Sunday. “You are no longer in danger.”

Luna said the shooting at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park left five women and five men dead and wounded another 10 people.

Then 20 to 30 minutes later, a man with a gun entered the Lai Lai Ballroom in nearby Alhambra.

The suspect entered the Alhambra club with a gun, and people wrested the weapon away from him before he fled, Luna said.

Hours earlier, Luna said authorities were looking for a white van after witnesses reported seeing the suspect flee from Alhambra in such a vehicle.

Members of a SWAT team entered the van a short time later and looked through its contents before walking away.

It was unclear what they found.

The massacre was the nation's fifth mass killing this month. It was also the deadliest attack since May 24, when 21 people were killed in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Monterey Park is a city of about 60,000 people on the eastern edge of Los Angeles and is composed mostly of Asian immigrants from China or first-generation Asian Americans.

The shooting happened in the heart of its downtown where red lanterns decorated the streets for the Lunar New Year festivities.

A police car was parked near a large banner that proclaimed “Happy Year of the Rabbit!”

The celebration in Monterey Park is one of California's largest.

Two days of festivities, which have been attended by as many as 100,000 people in past years, were planned. But officials cancelled Sunday's events following the shooting.

Tony Lai, 35, of Monterey Park was stunned when he came out for his early morning walk to learn that the noises he heard in the night were gunshots.

“I thought maybe it was fireworks. I thought maybe it had something to do with Lunar New Year,” he said.

“And we don't even get a lot of fireworks here. It's weird to see this. It's really safe here. We're right in the middle of the city, but it's really safe.”

Wynn Liaw, 57, who lives about two blocks from the Monterey Park studio, said she was shocked that such a crime would happen, especially during New Year's celebrations.

“Chinese people, they consider Chinese New Year very, very special" — a time when "you don't do anything that will bring bad luck the entire year,” she said.

She took a picture of the activity outside the studio to send to relatives and friends in China "to let them know how crazy the U.S. is becoming with all these mass shootings, even in the New Year.”

An Associated Press/USA Today database on mass killings in the U.S. shows that 2022 was one of the nation's worst years with 42 such attacks — the second-highest number since the creation of the tracker in 2006.

The database defines a mass killing as four people killed, not including the perpetrator.

The latest violence comes two months after five people were killed at a Colorado Springs nightclub.

President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland were briefed on the situation, aides said.

Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were thinking of those killed and wounded, and he directed federal authorities to support the investigation.

The shooting occurred at Star Ballroom Dance Studio, a few blocks from city hall on Monterey Park's main thoroughfare of Garvey Avenue, which is dotted with strip malls of small businesses whose signs are in both English and Chinese.

Cantonese and Mandarin are both widely spoken, Chinese holidays are celebrated and Chinese films are screened regularly in the city.

The business offered dance lessons from tango to rumba to the fox trot, and rented its space for events.

On Saturday, its website said, it was hosting an event called “Star Night” from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. 


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News Network
January 25,2023


India, as of the moment, does not have access to 26 out of 65 patrolling points in Eastern Ladakh. The situation is worthy of mention considering India-China stand-off along the 3500 km border.

“Presently there are 65 PPs (Patrolling Points) starting from Karakoram pass to Chumur which are to be patrolled regularly by the ISFs (Indian Security Forces). Out of 65 PPs, our presence is lost in 26 PPs (i.e. PP no. 5-17, 24-32, 37, due to restrictive or no patrolling by the ISFs,” wrote PD Nitya, the Superintendent of Police of Leh, Ladakh’s main city, in a research paper accessed by media. 

The report was filed at last week's annual conference of the country's top police officers in Delhi, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

"Later on, China forces us to accept the fact that as such areas have not seen the presence of ISFs or civilians since long, the Chinese were present in these areas. This leads to a shift in the border under control of ISFs towards Indian side and a "buffer zone" is created in all such pockets which ultimately leads to loss of control over these areas by India. This tactic of PLA (China's People's Liberation Army) to grab land inch-by-inch is known as 'Salami slicing'," it said.

"PLA has taken advantage of the buffer areas in the de-escalation talks by placing their best of cameras on the highest peaks and monitoring the movement of our forces... they object our movement even in the buffer zone, claiming it to be 'their' area of operation and then further ask us to move back to create more 'buffer' areas," the officer wrote.

She said this Chinese strategy was seen in Galwan Valley, the site of a deadly clash in 2020 when 20 Indian troops and at least four Chinese soldiers died in hand-to-hand fighting.

Ms Nitya also said that marking areas as out of bounds and keeping them barren affects troop morale as well. "During an interaction with one senior officer whose unit is based right on forward area, he shared that, if by retreating 400 metres back, we can buy peace with PLA for 4 years, then it's worth it," the report said.

The report was released after a mere few weeks of India accusing China of “unilaterally changing the status-quo” on the Line of Actual Control (LOC).

The encounter in the Galwan Valley in 2020, which sparked a major uptick in tensions between the two nations, was considered to be the most serious confrontation since the December 9 incident in Arunachal Pradesh. Since then, there have been a number of military negotiations that have resulted in a cautious withdrawal of forces on both sides.

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi accused PM Modi of being the weakest PM India has had for “ceding land to China”.

Delhi chief minister (CM) and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal also accused the Centre of continuing and increasing trade with Beijing despite Chinese aggression.


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