Dessert: Fruit Trifle

[email protected] (MEHNAZ KAPADIA)
April 21, 2013


Things needed:

A sponge cake

Tinned pineapple- 1

A Chocolate bar

Whipped cream

Vanilla custard ( i used half litre milk for the custard)

Strawberries ( For the topping)

Tutti frutti & Cherries ( Topping)


1. Slice the sponge cake horizontally into two parts. Soak both the parts in the pineapple syrup till It is completely soaked. ( from the tinned pineapple). Best to use fresh pineapple juice.

2. In a dessert bowl, spread one of the layers of the cake. Spread a layer of whipped cream. Add small chunks of pineapple.

3. Add a layer of custard after this.

4. Add chopped apples and pomegranate ( optional but i did it and it added to the awesomeness)

5. Next, Place the second layer of soaked cake and once again spread another layer of whipped cream.

6. Repeat the custard and fruits layer if u have it remaining. Top it with a layer of whipped cream again.

7. Now to deck it up. Try to be as creative as you can. Here, I first sprinkled grated Kit kat chocolate bars and topped it with cherries and tutti frutti, since i could not get strawberries!


Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016

I like it York recipes

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