Ragi Falooda

[email protected] (MEHNAZ KAPADIA)
June 30, 2014



Ragi - 1 cup

Dosa rice ( Kacchi chaawal) - 1/2 cup

Sugar or Jaggery - 3/4 cup ( add more if needed)

Coconut - 1/2 cup

Cardomom (peeled and crushed) -10-12

Ghee (to grease the plates)

For Garnishing

Badam / Almonds AND Pistachios -Peeled and slivered


1. Wash the Ragi and rice. Sieve and grind with coconut and water.

2. Once we get a fine paste, take a thin cloth or strainer and strain the paste.

3. The paste should neither be thick nor too thin.

4. Heat a steel vessel and pour the paste into it and start stirring it. The main thing while making this dish is to stir it right, to avoid it getting burnt and to cook it well. As you keep stirring it, add sugar/ jaggery and continue stirring it till its dissolved well and all the lumps in the paste vanish!

5. Add the powdered cardamom to the paste and stir well.

6. Once its cooked well and you get a nice not-too-thin-nor-too-thick paste, grease 2-3 plates with ghee and transfer the paste onto these plates. Do not use any spoon to transfer the paste to the plates, but pour it directly holding the steel vessel itself. This is done so that its evenly spread and this looks neat too.

7. When you have all the ragi falooda paste on the plates, garnish it with Almonds, pistas and sprinkle some cardamom and allow it to cool.

8. It can be eaten while its warm but its best to refrigerate it and have it after 2-3 hours. Before serving, make horizontal and vertical lines on the falooda, so that it is cut into medium sized pieces.


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