Butterfly Masala


Amaco Builders

July 23, 2014


Bushra Gazzala Rahmatullah


Hamas rockets land Israel it read
War is an act of self defence they said
War can help us get back our dues
We seek justice through war was another excuse

On another headline some light was shed
100s wounded and 500 dead
We will fight back n not suffer the abuse
Weapons were collected and bombs were put to use

Houses destroyed and innocents dead
Helpless and fragile children to be fed
Frightened and dishearten by the hell let loose
Praying and hoping for a truce…

Watching the fireworks of destruction dance overhead
Unsure about tomorrow they lay on bed
Kids young children they look so blue
Why is this happing they have no clue

Looking at human life going to waste
From endless cycle of war copy paste
Why are they fighting? Why is there no peace?
How will you put the victim's crying heart to ease?

The stories of hardship is often untold
The sea of grief when the stories unfold
It stays in the hearts of those lying lifeless and cold
Let's pray for the end of war and victim's young and old
Let's pray to find humanity within our souls

Let's pray for the day when they look towards the sky above
Find olive branch carried by the flying dove
Instead of worthless bombs that blow...



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