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October 13, 2012

He wants sex, or he'll kill me, Hemashri told friend

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Bangalore, October 13: Slain Kannada TV actor Hemashri's traumatic marital life, her fears and disgust with her family have been revealed in conversations between her and an unidentified friend.

"He (Babu) wants to either have sex with me or kill me," Hemashri tells her friend. The telephone conversations are running up to seven minutes between the 28-year-old actor and her friend.

In most of the conversations, Hemashri confides in her friend that her husband was determined to have sex with her, failing which he planned to kill her. She also talks about her husband's sex maniac ways.

Hemashri's husband, businessman Surendra Babu, 52, is now in police custody for his suspected role in his wife's murder.

"Strangely, my mother acts like his legal wife. People say he has cast a spell on us with black magic by employing a tantrik from Kollegal forest. This is why my mother and I fight regularly. Worse, he has spoilt my mother. VIPs keep coming to our house. My house has turned into a filthy place now," the actor is heard pouring her woes out to the friend.

"Babu is married to four women and has nine children from them. Whether he has divorced them or not, I have no idea. Saying that he has lost 'power', he is now taking medical treatment," Hemashri told her friend in another conversation.

"His first wife is a village woman. He deserted her after having three children. The children work as coolies and don't know who their father is. His second and third wives live in some part of the city and the fourth one lives in Konanakunte. In all, he has nine children from the four women," the actor added.

"He knows he has failed to attract me. He wants to enjoy sex with me, failing which he wants to kill me. He has hired three goons to get me thrashed. Recently, I discovered one more secret of his. If I make it public, he will get me beaten up and get my legs and hands chopped. My life is under threat," Hemashri revealed.

"My mother has now labelled me a prostitute... I feel like committing suicide. My mother was never like this. Surendra Babu has changed her. Babu is nothing but a sex maniac," the actor alleged.

He wants sex, or he'll kill me, Hemashri told friend


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