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Monday, 01 May 2017 20:19

Can Udupi’s Santhosh be Karnataka’s Yogi?

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A majority of people in Karnataka weren’t even aware of the existence of a ‘power centre’ called B L Santhosh until the former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa recently broke his long silence and unhesitatingly held the former responsible for the dissidence currently plaguing the state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party.shaastr abhat urimajalu However, among the BJP circles this RSS stalwart has been regarded as a ‘kingmaker’ and ‘powerbroker’ for years.

BL Santhosh RSS

Hailing from a small town in the coastal district of Udupi, Santhosh is not as outspoken as Dr Prabhakar Bhat of Kalladka, who is dubbed as the unofficial “supreme commander of Dakshina Kannada”. Those who know Santhosh closely say that his brain works quicker than his tongue. Though he stays aloof from ‘self-promotion’ and ‘visible political activities’, BJP heavyweights at the Centre never took his “marg darshan” lightly in recent years. Besides, he enjoys the backing of union minister Ananth Kumar and opposition leader in the state legislative council K S Eshwarappa, the most powerful ‘upper caste’ and ‘lower caste’ leaders of the BJP in this south Indian state respectively.

Openly accused by Yeddyurappa of using Eshwarappa as a pawn to engineer rebellion against the former, Sonthosh did not lose his cool in the public. “I won’t make any comment on the current situation of BJP in Karnataka. Those who are supposed to take action will intervene,” was his immediate response. According to political pundits Sonthosh has exhibited both the ‘discipline’ of RSS and ‘political maturity’ in his answer. What happened next? BJP chief Amit Shah equally penalized both Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa factions by sacking two office-bearers from each faction after a discussion with the party’s Karnataka in-charge Muralidhar Rao. If sources are to be believed, Santhosh too wanted the same — a temporary solution.

Is Santhosh an ambitious like Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh? While some observe that Santhosh has nursed CM ambitions himself and adopted “wait and watch” formula, others see him as a selfless saffronist, who is striving to strengthen the future of BJP by keeping “selfish leaders” away from the key posts. Supporters of Yeddyurappa have also alleged that Santhosh is trying to replace the Lingayat strongman as the state BJP chief and the party’s chief ministerial candidate.

In fact Santhosh personally knows Yeddyurappa since 2005 when the former began working in Shivamoga as an RSS nominee and the BJP Organising Secretary during Lok Sabha by election. He first locked horns with Yeddyurappa when the latter became the south India’s first BJP chief minister. One of the main reasons for this development, according to a few BJP leaders, is that Yeddyurappa chose his caste over the party, and thereby weakened the latter. Besides, Yeddyurappa gave priority to his female confidante over the RSS veterans, and thereby damaged the morale of the latter. Massive corruption allegations against Yedduyrappa was a golden opportunity for the RSS to force him step down as the chief minister in July 2011 three years after he assumed the power. When the party high command refused to reinstate him as chief minister after a year, Yeddyurappa had briefly quit the party and floated Karnataka Janata Party, with the sole intention of teaching a lesson to the BJP and RSS. This has remained as a permanent blot on Yeddyurappa’s image in BJP.

Nevertheless, a fresh outburst of dissidence in Karnataka BJP cannot be ruled out as both the warring factions enjoy the support of their respective communities. 74-year-old Yeddyurappa has remained the undisputed leader of Lingayat community, which has been playing a decisive role in Karnataka politics for past six decades, while Eshwarappa is the BJP’s powerful pawn to bag the votes of Kuruba community, which has a population of around 45 lakhs in the state. In future, the party high command may opt for a major surgery to end the infighting in its Karnataka unit. In such a situation, Amit Shah many not hesitate to spring a surprise and roil all caste calculations by asking a man with brains (read Brahmin) to formally lead the party’s state unit.



Like [15]Dislike [1] #15 PK, Mangalore2017-05-02
Sajid bhai. dont scold Naren in Tulu. He may not understand! Because I am sure that fellow is not a Kotian. He is just fooling Billavas. No Billava can think in such a criminal way. he is either naren Bhat, or Naren Pai or Naren Sharma or Naren upadhayaya.. If you scold him in havyaka kannada he may understand a very well.
Like [12]Dislike [1] #14 Sajid Udupi, Kuwait2017-05-02
Still Bundle Naren....Dodnagudde is not in Hiriadka....Yenchina Mandde sama ijja nikk...This is the way which you have adopted....lies after lies and the andhe Bhakt accepting and praising the lies....
Like [7]Dislike [7] #13 Shaastra Bhat, Urimajalu2017-05-02
Thank you all for the valuable comments. thanks Naren Kotian Singapore for additional information on Santhosh ji.
Like [7]Dislike [5] #12 naren kotian, singapore2017-05-02
apdiya sajid ... hahahaha ..ennada idu pundai .. when people can believe 72 virgins dubak theory :) , this is nothing infront of it . mama ...go and check in hiriyadka and also in dodnagudde . then come back and comment .
Like [7]Dislike [1] #11 PK, Mangalore2017-05-02
Lol.. Naren is anti Yeddy camp. Dinka chika dinka chika dinka chika...
Like [12]Dislike [0] #10 Sajid Udupi, Kuwait2017-05-02
Narianna doddannagudde is 2-3 Km from Udupi and Hiriadaka almost 14-16 Km from udupi...By this we can know as like our Bundle PM Modi his rss chadi parivar is also big bundle...
Like [6]Dislike [7] #9 naren kotian, singapore2017-05-02
hahaha madrasa IT cell member sighted :) .. we might leave families , but we dont dump bharath mata . we are not namak haram log , who back stab india and support coreligionists and conduct anti india work against mother land . artha aitha ?

FYI ..namge rashtra munche , dharma second . same way as irsaelis . israelis love their mother land . it will be extreamly difficult for any nation to defeat people who immensely love motherland . thats why 56 muslim countries and OIC does mujra infront of israel .hahaha
Like [16]Dislike [4] #8 Naresh Binoy, Mangaluru2017-05-02
Naren bhai.. you are saying he rarely visits family and dedicated to nation and party. you mean his family is not part of India?

Common yar. this is the hane baraha of all sanghis including ur sarva shaktiman. they never care their own family. if the marry they dump their wives.
Like [7]Dislike [7] #7 naren kotian, singapore2017-05-02
Dear shastra please correct , he is not from Kundapur . he is basically from Dodnagudde,hiryadka ( udupi) and his family stays there only . .he rarely visits his family and relatives and he is totally committed to nation and party . who never ever travels by air , he goes by train only . we love him for his integrity .
Like [15]Dislike [4] #6 Natasha, Manipal2017-05-02
Oh, Naren Bhai.. I never knew that Santhosh is also ur anna. I thought only Vikky Shetty, Umesh Reddy, Bannanje Raje etc are your annas :p
Like [5]Dislike [3] #5 Suprabha, Mangaluru2017-05-02
A different analysis. Short and crisp. Will another man from coastal Karnataka become CM of Karnataka. Let's wait and watch!
Like [5]Dislike [16] #4 naren kotian, singapore2017-05-02
He is a good strategist . we grew up seeing him from our childhood days . santhoshanna values ethics and he is very simple . who will never ever compromise on ideology . clean hand . inspite of holding powerful positions . he has not favoured any relatives , even though his family is big and spread across hiriyadka , dodnagudde ,mysore udupi . but i would feel , he will never ever opt for CM post . love u santhosh anna ....

ley amar , israel munde biittilla ? enu bittilla nimma jana , go and see daily mujra there . muslim countries are spine and chakka countries . muslim countries can never ever beat mighty israel . papa enu madakke agalla , madrasa dalli build up kodlilla andre makla jihad madakke hudugaru sigalla .adakke build up talks :) .

ley amar 6th century nalli pharoah ne irlilla , saudi was ruled by arab tribes. swalpa general knowledge jaasthi madko, sumne kabbaddi adkondu irodu bittu subject tilko ....

saabi galu changex khan saha nammune anthave , fact is he was devout buddhist .his great great gand children embraced islam ashte ... pharoah anthe pharoah ... bari ishte ... hogappa mujra maaadodu kali , yogi munde iga nimmauru mujra maadthivi bidi antha iddaralla haage ..
Like [19]Dislike [5] #3 Beary, Mangaluru2017-05-01
Is CD a mouthpiece of RSS? Why glorifying those saffron leaders?
Like [11]Dislike [2] #2 Narasimha, Bengaluru2017-05-01
Beautifully written. Really liked. you have touched a very dangerous topic too. I could not control my laugh after reading the last line.
Like [13]Dislike [4] #1 Amar, Mani2017-05-01
Hasbunallahu va ni'mal vakeel ..... Santhosh yeddi biddi ....namge yavudu lekkakkilla ...Israel anne bittilla innu neevu jujubi yava lekka

Firoun enada study madi ...hitler gitler ella bibidi ..history kaleebekadre firoun na history kaleeri ..Naren start from today ...i see your face in firoun's history

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