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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:49

‘Why Popular Front’ campaign begins tomorrow

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Bangalore, October 9: A nationwide campaign “Why Popular Front” against ‘falsehood being propagated about the organization Popular Front of India’ will be conducted from October 10 to November 10, 2012. Various programs will be conducted in Karnataka state under this banner.


Addressing the media person at Bangalore Press Club on Monday Eliyas Muhammad Thumbe, State President of the PFI said, “Popular Front of India is an organization which is marching forward with an aim of all round empowerment of the deprived communities, especially Muslims who are backward in educational, economic, social and political fields. The organization is tirelessly creating awareness among youth, organizing them and striving hard to restore the rights of marginalised and oppressed communities.”


He said “It is undisputed that if a country wants to be respected as a developed nation, each and every section of its citizenry should develop equally and enjoy social justice. If a section or community is side-lined or persecuted, it will be against the welfare of that country besides violating human rights. Hence Popular Front of India is always working with other progressive and Dalit organisations for the purpose of getting fundamental rights, equal opportunities, human rights and social justice to all marginalised communities. “


Abdul Wahid Sait, State Vice President said, “Popular Front of India has taken up lot of social issues related to Muslim community and other marginalized classes of society and conducted many campaigns like “Reservation to Muslims”, “Bail is the Rule : Release the innocents”, “Social Justice Conference”, etc. It has conducted several protests against the pro-imperialistic, pro-capitalistic and anti-people policies of the government, irrespective of the party that they may belong to.


He said "Towards educational empowerment, Popular Front of India has been striving in a systematic manner through its programs and schemes. It has been conducting “School Chalo” campaign every year in all districts of Karnataka. This year, the organization has distributed 1 lakh school kits at an all-India level. It has started a scheme “SarvaShiksha Gram” in which the organization adopts few villages/Mohallas, conduct surveys and provides all educational and financial help to the poor children to get primary education. In Karnataka, 62 Mohallas are selected under the “SarvaShiksha Gram” and benefitted."

He said "Popular Front of India is also actively involved in the field of social service. It has conducted numerous blood donation camps, health camps, fitness and hygiene programs, legal awareness camps, scholarship information camps, etc. It has conducted rescue and rehabilitation activities during Tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, floods in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Air-India crash accident in Mangalore and recently done relief activities for Assam victims, etc."


RiyazPasha, State General Secretary said, "Popular Front of India is a voice of deprived communities enjoying mass support. It stays committed to strengthen democratic and secular values of our country and oppose fascist and communal agendas. Unfortunately, some vested interests are targeting the organization by spreading false information and trying to tarnish its image. "


"Hence, the organization has decided to conduct a nationwide campaign captioned as “Why Popular Front?” to present its relevancein contemporary India and evoke mass response and expose the intentions behind this false propaganda.  The campaign will start on 10th October and will conclude on 10th November, 2012. Corner meetings, posters and handbills distributions, get together programs, massive public conferences,seminars, rallies, etc., will be part of the campaign. All of these will be done with due permissions and within the boundary of law."


Abdul RazakKemmara, Member, State Executive Council, Mohammed Saqib, Member, State Executive Council, Ilyas Ahmed, District President, Bangalore among others were present.








Like [1]Dislike [1] #19 Munawwar, Shiroor2012-10-13
It's good you & me both having some sympathy on PFI. Brother Suhail, Mr. Ilyas’s speech is widely available in YouTube. If you have some more, please upload into YouTube Let the people watch it…!
Like [1]Dislike [4] #18 suhail, Udupi2012-10-11
I really have syphathy on this guy munavar.. But habeebi the pfi, one has blaming about Dawa and i have recording speach of ilyas tumbe that he said no more need Dawa in india to none muslim. now time for prepare for revenge..in 2005 that he has given speach in one place of udupi dist under KFD Banner.
Like [7]Dislike [3] #17 Munawwar, Shiroor2012-10-10
Agree with Shahid Mysore. Also I have a sincere advice to Brother Ameer Mangalore to do something to rescue Non Muslims also from Hell fire. And I have seen in many places PFI guys conducting programs to study Islamic spiritual education spread the message of Prophet Muhammad (S.A). It’s not good to blame the others without knowing them properly. After all, only Allah can scan the hearts of people to know their beliefs.
Like [7]Dislike [4] #16 Shahid, Mysore2012-10-10
Dear Amir, You rescue Muslims from Hell fire, let them rescue Muslims from R.S.S & rescue innocent Muslims from Jails.
Like [7]Dislike [2] #15 Abdul Salam, Riyadh2012-10-10
Only All(s) know what is the truth and he always like and support true people. May all(s) accept all muslims good deeds. ameen.
Like [6]Dislike [3] #14 shameed, jeddah2012-10-10
good concept , may allah gave success for whole campaign .......nice to see only media channel in bangalore press club... insha allah once hope in future vl get crowded media press meet ............
Like [10]Dislike [19] #13 Ameer, Mangaloree2012-10-09
Why P.F.I ? answer is nothing.It may used for political issue not for Religious issues because still most of them need to study what is true teachings of Nabi[s.a]. Even though members of popular front challenging themselves they are the true follower of sunnath but unfortunately they still in Shirk - Bidhat - Kurafath. They may rescue Muslims from R.S.S but they never try to rescue Muslims Brothers from Jahannam [Hell fire] reason is very simple if whatever they are Doing only for in this Duniya.
Like [1]Dislike [1] #12 zyan, mangalore2012-10-09
Not yet decided ??
Like [8]Dislike [5] #11 Ibrahim, Al Dammam2012-10-09
Mr. Abdullha It clearly shows your limited knowledge about P.F.I., if You have any doubts go and consult nearest person of P.F.I. they are widely available every where
Like [5]Dislike [2] #10 mushthaaq, Udupi2012-10-09
Jihad ke liye nikla bhanda tha thab.
hai ab sir garmi maidaane gulisthan me.
Like [8]Dislike [4] #9 Azeez, Kuwait2012-10-09
We are not eating others flesh. We earn from our hard work. And we will spend it for needy. It's not possible for everyone just like you.
Like [6]Dislike [4] #8 suhail, Udupi2012-10-09
PFI has came to solve problem of community. now they themselves in problem everyday. come out from that best of luck..
Like [9]Dislike [6] #7 Azeez, Kuwait2012-10-09
Organizations should be honest and transparent. It may create jealous to who cannot least honest in their life. This is the reason some fake agendas comes up. And it will try to destroy the PFI. But PFI is right and straight way nobody cannot touch it. Well done PFI let the people know what is the PFI is. If anyone got doubt please join the campaign.
Like [9]Dislike [5] #6 M.R.MANCHI, KUWAIT2012-10-09
Some jobless people always questioning and always argue about pfi,please join with pfi campaign and get more knowledge in your life,do not miss it.
Like [8]Dislike [5] #5 K.Abdul Rahim, Jubail/Haleyangady2012-10-09
well movements to take your Organization, just clear the people what is the PFI & why PFI. please clear all the Doubts about PFI...Good Luck for this mega nationwide campaign....Zinda Bad Zinda Bad Popular Front Zinda Bad....
Like [8]Dislike [19] #4 Abdullah, Riyadh2012-10-09
This is right time to ban on Popular Front. I am sure the campaign bring negative opinions but PFI should reveal true opinion.
Like [12]Dislike [8] #3 M.Shareef, Al-Khobar2012-10-09
Those who want to clear all doubts about PFI this the right time..
Why PFI ? ? ?
Do you have any questions and concerns?
Join in this statewide campaign, October 10th to November 10th, 2012 . . .
Like [10]Dislike [7] #2 Sharief, Khobar2012-10-09
The so called national news papers are involved in a campaign to malign PFI. This is a right step to reach to he people and make them aware of your social activities and defeat the defamation campaign of RSS backed media.
Like [25]Dislike [3] #1 Padmanaba, Mangalore2012-10-09
Well done Mr. Ilyas. as far as your organization is concerned, this is the need of the hour. you guys are doing really good. I read in a newspaper, recently the Press council also issued notice to 9 newspapers for the false news against your organization.

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