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Saturday, 12 January 2013 16:02

Poojary’s take on saffron puts leaders to shame!

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Mangalore, January 12: Despite ‘Saffron’ being one of the colours in the Indian national flag, Congressman B Janardhan Poojary who is known to take digs on fellow congressmen, took a fresh dig on new entrant Vijaynath Vittal Shetty for wearing saffron attire on the day of his induction into Congress.

On the occasion of Youth Convention organized by District Congress as a part of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary celebrations in Mangalore on Saturday, Poojary in his presidential address slammed Shetty for donning saffron attire on the occasion of his induction ceremony.

“As Congressmen, we should be wearing white khadi clothes. You cannot be wearing ‘kaavi’ (saffron) clothes. At least on the day of joining the Indian National Congress, you should have avoided that”, Mr. Poojary said.

Mr. Shetty, renowned businessman, activist and chief of the Shasthavu Sri Bhoothanatheshwara Temple was inducted into the Congress party last month.

Even as a majority of students who had been brought to the venue left the auditorium mid way through the programme, Mr. Poojary conducted a quiz competition for a small bunch of students in the middle of his speech, which also saw Oscar Fernandes and a couple of other Congressmen get up from their seats on the dais and leave the venue.

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Like [5]Dislike [0] #6 Hassanmukha, manlgaore2013-01-12
Whom does he(Poojary) wants to impress!?
Like [9]Dislike [1] #5 Zakir, Mangalore2013-01-12
It doesn't matter if he wears saffron, red, white, red, green yellow..... Does he think if a person wears saffron is a member of Bajrangi, not at all. Its a stupid and cheap thinking. It shows his original color, like, where he belongs to. Everything comes from one's heart and mind but not from color of what he wears.
Like [9]Dislike [0] #4 Pen Pricks, Mangalore2013-01-12
Dear Mr Veteran Cong Leader (thats what media has christened you simply because of your sinking career graph and because U hold no position). Having said that I must suggest you that its time you took 'political Sanyas'... (No compulsion of wearing Saffron here.... U may continue with white).

Mr Poojary, U have spent so many years in public life and after making so many comments on Indian constitution it is surprising to see that you do not understand that 'freedom' is the essence of our constitution and what Vijaynath Vittal Shetty should wear or more so should not is none of your concerns.

It is sad to see such ‘ignorant’ leaders attributing such stupid meanings to colour. As far as Saffron is concerned it is one of the colour of our flag and it stands for 'Tolerance' and just that. It is a very narrow minded approach of attributing religion to these colours and if Mr Poojary has learnt this in his school, it is devastating to send the kids to the same school.

If 'Saffron' is hinduism and if it is banned in Congress circles, does that mean that 'White' stands for christianty and Congress is a Catholic party. If so Mr Poojary should also explain to which religion Cotton, Khadi, Nylon and nylex can be attributed too.

Grow up Mr Poojary! It is nice to see tri-colour sway high. These are the parts of our flag and it will look good just as that. No body should dare to paint Indian flag with just one colour. It is time these kind of outdated leaders understood that India's beauty lies in its diversity and richness of Indians lie in the fact that even today when elders make such 'stupid' comments the younger ones keep quite. However, the way you are going Mr Poojary, next time the younger ones may not keep quite and You may not be in the position to face the wrath... because an insult is an insult, whether it is done within four walls or in public. After Khader, Ivan D’Souza and Vijaynath Vittal Shetty…. Who next?
Like [8]Dislike [0] #3 ISMAIL, BANGLORE2013-01-12
Mr.poojary needs psychological treatment.He is out of his mind,there is nothing wrong in wearing colours.
Like [8]Dislike [0] #2 M.sadiq mulki, mulki/jubail2013-01-12
G8 words sister.Your words are very clear..
Like [13]Dislike [1] #1 Devika, Mangalore2013-01-12
Mr poojary, its time you took political sanyas and let the young breed do what they wish to. At the same time Mr Vijaynath Shetty, you have the right to wear what you wish to. No poojary has the right to tell you. People like poojary who attribute colours to religion or personal inclination are not fit to be called 'leaders'. If wearing saffron is banned in Congress and if Saffron stands for hinduism, does that mean white stands for christianity and Congress is a Catholic party. Poojary needs to grow above these thoughts. Looks like frustration has got on him and he certianly needs counselling.
My sincere urge to our political leaders is that 'Saffron, Green and White' are parts of our flag which stand for tolerance, peace and prosperity. Let it just be that. Don't try to atrribute new meanings to colours. These colours are just part of our flag and it will look good just as that. Imagine an indian flag with just one colour. It will cease to be our flag. 'Our country's beauty lies in our diversity and accepting everything. Don't stoop down to this level Mr Veteran Cong Leader.

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