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Thursday, 24 January 2013 10:57

Eid-Milad celebrated with pomp, gaiety

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Mangalore, Jan 24: Thousands of Muslims in the city celebrated the Eid-Milad, the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed on Thursday.

Homes, mosques, dargas and madrasas were decked with flags, buntings and banners to mark the day, considered by a section of Muslims to be the most blessed in Islamic calendar.

Madrasa children took out Milad rallies in various parts of the city. Hundreds of children took part in the Milad rally held at Bunder area of Mangalore.

Different programmes were organised by some Muslim organisations to project the life and disseminate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad as part of the festival. Preachers spoke about the significance of celebrating the Prophet's birthday in Milad-meetings organized in some mosques. Manqoos Maulood, a book to glorify Prophet, was recited at various mosques and homes.

"It is an occasion to reiterate our respect and honour to the Prophet," said Koora Thangal, a Sunni cleric.

However some Muslim organisations and scholars have criticized the celebration of birth day of Prophet Muhammad.

“Prophet Muhammad has strictly warned the Muslims against innovations in religion. Neither the companions of Prophet, nor his true followers celebrated Milad anywhere in the world throughout the Islamic history. Milad is an innovation”, said a Salafi cleric.

"Instead of displaying banners and badges and shouting slogans, Muslims should follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and strive to spread the message of peace in the society”, he said.

























Like [0]Dislike [0] #19 Abdul Hafeez kudroli, United arab emirates2013-01-27
Dear muslim brothers pls dont make a confuse to any other religion people. because in islam there is only two EID which is Eidul fithr and Eidul adha.adding in islam any other new things is called shirk (which mean GOD never forgive these mistakes) meelaad is a arabic word whic mean is born.
islam is not allowed to make anyones birthday.prophet muhammed peace be upon him is model for all humanity .
Like [0]Dislike [0] #18 Mohammed Sabith, Saudi Arabia2013-01-27
these commenters don’t know about the Islam and if anyone can able to discuss openly we all Sunni Muslims ready to host debate in Mangalore town hall , then you will see is it allowed or not allowed , but ignorant commenters will not ready to come & sit together and trying to tarnish
we will teach you what is the meaning of Ansari sahabh welcome song when Enter Prophet (SA) to the Madina

Oh the white moon rose over us
From the valley of Wada

And we owe it to show gratefulness

Where the call is to Allah
Oh you who were raised among us

Coming with a word to be obeyed

You have brought to this city nobleness
Like [0]Dislike [1] #17 zahoor sheikh, riyadh2013-01-26
that is true in the life time of holy prophet he never celebrated his birthday nor sahabis. if we are doing this in this era then it will be pure bidha "innovating something new"
Like [2]Dislike [1] #16 Abdul Samad, Managlore2013-01-26
Giving national holiday is not wrong its a respect to the holy prophet the day he was Born. even in quran Allah S.w.t greets Prophet Yahya p.b.u.h for the day he was born. Sura 19 Verse 15.
But sometimes too much love to the prophet leads to shirq without knowingly. we must be carefull in this matter. that is true in the life time of holy prophet he never celebrated his birthday nor sahabis.
if we are doing this in this era then it will be pure bidha "innvoating somthing new"
Like [0]Dislike [0] #15 Ibrahim .R, AJMAN2013-01-26
Best of Luck
Like [1]Dislike [1] #14 Nazeer, kwt2013-01-25
Wish u HAPPY EID MILAD..good coverage cd
Like [0]Dislike [0] #13 Shah Jahan, Qatar2013-01-24
Dear brother's,Dont fight each "ummathun wahida". This is the time to teach all the way of beloved Prophet (S A).
Like [1]Dislike [0] #12 plainlife, Bangalore2013-01-24
There is a doubt about his birth date but not the date of his death ,which falls on 12th of this month.If we analyse ,one will be satisfied with the above answer.Let us analyse :
He was born orphan and at that time no one, including Prophet Mohammad, was knowing that he was a Prophet.Naturally at that time noting down the date of birth was doubtful.But He was the last Prophet at the time of his death.So this date can be accurate.
Hence the conclusion that it is definitely the death aniversary than the birhtday.
Like [2]Dislike [2] #11 Ashraf, Mangalore2013-01-24
Is this Islam, Which Allah Gifted the humanity with? through Rasool SA. the Prophet who died on the day and the So called muslims celebrate?
Like [4]Dislike [3] #10 Zakir, Mangalore2013-01-24
In Islam birthday is forbidden that too celebrating our beloved prophets (SA) is not at all good (shirk) because during his life time he has not celebrated his or his companions birthday.
Correct me if I am mistaken....
Like [10]Dislike [1] #9 sayed, mangalore2013-01-24
@zahoor Ahmed, brother,
I would rather appreciate those kids who have the eagerness to express their love towards the Prophet (SAW) unlike the rest of them happy watching cartoon netwrok. How coud anyone ever think that its waste of spending money and investing time to xpress their love towards the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). In holy Quran Allah (SWT) has referred Muhammed (SWT) with atmost love calling him Mudhathir, Muzammil...then why dont we celebrate the coming of the Prophet (SAW) who was indeed the Mercy to entire Mankind. The people of Madinah had welcomed Prophet (SAW) with nasheed "Tala al Badru Alayna". Nevertheless some people do go a little too much like what u can see in mumbai with massive procession with music. but u cant comment on this pics saying its waste to time and money!
Like [6]Dislike [3] #8 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-01-24
Due to Lack of knowledge about Islam among the Muslim ummah leads to celebration of these festivals. If we go back to History of our Beloved Prophet Mohammed (S.W.S) these type of festivals never celebrated by Prophet & he never ordered to celebrate his birthday. Even After the death of Prophet(S.W.S) Khalifa's of that time never celebrated. This is totally a new innovation in islam. May allah broaden our knowledge about islam.
Like [7]Dislike [6] #7 Farooq, Yanbu, KSA2013-01-24
Wishing you all a very happy eid-e-miladunnabi صلى الله عليه و سلم.
Like [11]Dislike [5] #6 sayed, mangalore2013-01-24
@Ali, mangalore/KSA.
whateva happens in Saudi Arabia doesn't reflect true Islam.
Sadly but true the rulers hands are with the west and the yahudees you cant take side with it.
Like [9]Dislike [9] #5 Zahoor Ahmed, Karkala / Dammam2013-01-24
Waste of time, energy, monetary etc.,Please use for betterment of the society.Please follow Allah and his Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)The final messenger of Allah, The Allmighty.May Allah guide us to straight path.
Like [11]Dislike [11] #4 sayyed ashraf addoor, dammam2013-01-24
Wish you all a happy eid milad
Like [17]Dislike [17] #3 Ali, Mangalore. KSA2013-01-24
The country where the prophet Mohammed was born in Saudi Arabia is not at all celebrating his birthday. No National holiday , no procession, nor a single function is arranged. Political Party in India gave holiday to please the muslims and a section of muslim community is unnecessarily celebrating prophet's birthday whereas the prophet himself against it. "dont follow muslims ; follow Islam".
Like [14]Dislike [10] #2 Zakir, Mangalore2013-01-24
The last two sentence Absolutely right what he said, Prophet SAW never he celebrate his Birthday nor his companions, instead waking on the street teach all the children's to, the way of beloved Prophet SAW.
Like [11]Dislike [10] #1 sahul hameed, mangalore2013-01-24
Wish u happy eid milad to all.. good coverage by CD

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