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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 07:46

SDPI, BSP reach seat sharing agreement for Karnataka Assembly polls

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togetherBangalore, Mar 26: In a new development ahead of the impending Karnataka Assembly polls, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)  have entered into an electoral understanding.

Addressing a joint press conference, here on Monday, BSP State president Marasandra Muniyappa and SDPI State president K Abdul Majeed said that as both parties had similar principles, it had been decided to have a seat sharing arrangement.

Muniyappa said BSP national president Mayawati had given consent for the poll tie-up. In the 2008 elections, the party had fielded candidates from 221 assembly constituencies. Though some of the candidates secured impressive number of votes, they could not win, he said.

He said the BSP was keen on having a poll alliance with like-minded parties, including the Karnataka Praja Pragati Ranga, an alliance in which pro-farmers groups are also members.

However, the members of the Ranga seem to be inclined to support the KJP. Hence, the BSP decided not to have any understanding with it, he said.

He said the Vatal Paksha, the JD(U) and certain social organisations may soon take a decision to support the BSP.

Majeed said that his party could win 17 seats in the ULB elections. The party is keen on working for the welfare of the oppressed communities, and hence decided to have a poll understanding with the BSP.



Like [3]Dislike [4] #54 mujeer khan, bangalore2013-04-30
Insha -allah people of india will come to know very soo what is SDPI.
support sdpi,
Like [3]Dislike [3] #53 Imtiaz, Delhi2013-04-16
Dear K Sahil, Channapatna

How long a new political party should wait to participate in Election, Just in a fear to divide voltes of Muslim?

What about when various Muslim candidate file their nomination in a singlie consituency.

Before, nowbody knows SDPI, Now they got some seats in Panchayet & Municipalty. Now you guys are debating.

Your thinking is poor & Foolishness. Plz Change your mind set
Like [3]Dislike [5] #52 SK Sahil, Channapatna2013-04-06
Nazeer u r right.. Sdpi is fake party is support bjp win. His dividing muslims votes for win bjp.. U see last time in channapatna by-election2011 and last manth channapatna sdpi leaders and karnataka's first ever sdpi MLA Candadate syed zikriya have Sucessfully Risegned Now...
Like [8]Dislike [6] #51 Asif, Mangalore2013-03-28
Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

It’s good that you agreed you are in confusion, obviously you are in utter confusion.
As you comment we (SDPI) enjoy Hawala Money,We are secret agents of Sangh Pariwar & we fake Jihadis.
But if we win just one Assembly seat in upcoming election, you want to join SDPI. Strange?

Any Indian who accept the rules & regulations of our party are welcome to join but problem is RSS agents are not allowed in our party.
Like [7]Dislike [6] #50 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

If we win or lost, we don't need persons like you to Join SDPI...Please enjoy by criticizing SDPI. Anyhow you accepted the truth that you are a RSS Agent.
Hope i will get chance to comment on your baseless wordings in future.
Like [4]Dislike [9] #49 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Althaf- Kaup, I will keep commenting to what I feel wrong for me. It's my wish to do so. If you don't like my comments, just ignore, don't read it! As simple as that. But you can't stop me.
Like [6]Dislike [5] #48 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Imran- Katipalla, read my comments using your brain.
I was equating you guys method of brain washing to the way what the terrorist groups do! They prepare suicide bombers and you guys preparing the party workers! Terrorists are using Quran verses for their gain and you guys using Quran verses for your gain!
Like [8]Dislike [9] #47 Imran, Katipalla / Riyadh2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, it is indeed confusing your comments.

Sometimes you say SDPI is nothing but a secret wing of BJP- Sangh pariwar.

& also you say We (SDPI) enjoy the secret financial support from BJP and Gulf hawala money.

& also you said just now that our party is doing the same as those terrorists doing- brainwashing the innocent youths to become the suicide bombers for the sake of Allah for Jihad!

How do you conclude now if we are suicide bombers that mean we are ready to die, then how come we enjoy hawala money?
Like [8]Dislike [7] #46 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Althaf, Kaup- Doha, I accept your comment as a challenge. Just win one assembly seat in this season (2013) by any means. In no time I'll join SDPI without any question further!
We will meet here in Coastaldigest.com. This is my promise.
Let's wait till then. All the best. But till the time I'll keep expressing my comments. I don't mind whatever criticism I face from you and your team!
Like [7]Dislike [7] #45 Imran, Katipalla / Riyadh2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, it is indeed confusing your comments.

Sometimes you say SDPI is nothing but a secret wing of BJP- Sangh pariwar.

& also you say We (SDPI) enjoy the secret financial support from BJP and Gulf hawala money.

& also you said just now that our party is doing the same as those terrorists doing- brainwashing the innocent youths to become the suicide bombers for the sake of Allah for Jihad!

How do you conclude now if we are suicide bombers that means we are ready to die, then howcome we enjoy hawala money?
Like [7]Dislike [8] #44 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

Stop your baseless and nonsense comments. Now my doubt has been cleared that either you are a pakka RSS agent or Pakka SSF Member who is keeping Muslim names & commenting against Muslim Organisations in public media.
Like [6]Dislike [11] #43 saleem, bangalore2013-03-27
alhamdulillah, thank god it is 17 of 5500 seats in the karnataka ULB elections, at the first class. we all know that 17 comes after 16 and 18 follows 17.we also know that it does not take 5500 over 5500 to rule, it takes only about a couple of thousand.
Like [5]Dislike [7] #42 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore
In Sha Allah Our dream will turn to reality soon. That time i dont know what will be your situation. May be you will get shock.
Like [8]Dislike [6] #41 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Imran& Razi, I am confused now by reading your comments. Are you guys running for elections or running the Deen? For your personal and political gain you guys are misusing The Holy Quran, which is the biggest sin. This is what exactly the terrorists are doing under the instruction of the Jews and Americans to spoil the image of Islam. Your party is doing the same as those terrorists doing- brainwashing the innocent youths to become the suicide bombers for the sake of Allah for Jihad!
Like [9]Dislike [11] #40 Ahamed, Jeddah- KSA2013-03-27
@ Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

SDPI is a political party which started recently....with an motto "Freedom from hunger, freedom from fear".

As we all noticed in ULB election, SDPI bagged 17 winning seats.
Even if it is just 17 seats I strongly accept it is a positive move.
Moreover each vote is a "GAIN" to SDPI and "LOOSE" to other party (viz: CONGRESS, BJP, JDS......).
I wish good luck to all SDPI candidate in coming election - 5th MAY.
Like [9]Dislike [2] #39 Ameer, Tenkasi2013-03-27
Jai sdpi. . .al d best .
Like [7]Dislike [10] #38 Razi, Mangalore2013-03-27
Dear Zakir Bhai,
Plz read above news, electoral understanding means SDPI will field its candidates where it has very strong ground & BSP wont field any candidates & will support SDPI & vice versa. In this there is no point to blame SDPI.

I also wish you to tag katipalla with ur name as u were doing before.Thanks
Like [7]Dislike [8] #37 shanu, Kuwait2013-03-27
Nazeer....at list there is a start to SDPI and if people like you never want to come out of the NUT shell and think of the future ..And Many thanks for promating SDPI with you negative comments...its feel bad but thanks again it makes SDPI to work hard and move forward ...if SDPI get s your point where they are going wrong they have the chance to correct it thats positive thinking and i appeciate your frustraion and comments ..its good to learn the mantality of some of our muslim brothers.. or are u one ????
Like [6]Dislike [11] #36 Imran, katipalla / Riyadh2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore,

Your Quote"By the way, what a slogan! Freedom from hunger, freedom from fear! what does that mean?
Can you guys tell me how you are going to achieve it? by doing black magic? "

Being a Muslim again you are using Biggest Sin like Black magic.

You want to know how we are going to achieve, bro let me ask you to have a look at below ayath from Surah Quraish,

Allathee atAAamahum min jooAAinwaamanahum min khawfin
Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear (of danger)--Surah-Quraish(16-4).

And Plz note that we never said that after coming Assembly election we are going to rule our state, surely it will take some time to enter the assembly as we have already entered Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga Corporations.Insha Allah.
Like [14]Dislike [6] #35 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Zakir- Mangalore, This SDPI is nothing but a secret wing of BJP- Sangh pariwar. Fully funded by BJP to spoil the Muslim votes. They think all the Dalits will support them but it's their dream. Now BJP has a fear that this time Congress will emerge the winner due to their sky hight corruption!
I have never herad or seen any SDPI member spoke against BJP. They only talk about Congress and it's obvious that being a integral part of BJP, they never talk against BJP!
This SDPI is the brain child of Muslim leaders of BJP and they are directing the SDPI for their moves. The main job of SDPI is brainwashing the Muslim youths and spoiling the Muslim votes as per the instructions of BJP.
Only Allah can save innocent Muslim voters from this petty party.
Like [11]Dislike [8] #34 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
By the way, what a slogan! Freedom from hunger, freedom from fear! what does that mean?
Can you guys tell me how you are going to achieve it? by doing black magic?
In reality the meaning of the slogan is - Ultimate Death!
Fantasy politics! Most of the pro SDPI commentors here like Jaundice patients! Everything they see is yellow. So they think that, by winning 17seats out of 5500 seats (0.3%) in fractions, they are able to rule Karnataka State! Common guys, get a life! Come out from the well and think like real human being by using your brain, if you have any!
Like [12]Dislike [2] #33 zakir, Mangalore2013-03-27
If SDPI goes with BSP, SDPI will lose its identity. Now SDPI should go alone in this election....the way its going right now that gives me a feeling of BSP is a face of SDPI or vice versa....this is a flot hatched by chaddies to eliminate SDPI....
Like [5]Dislike [10] #32 ANEES, UAE /Udupi2013-03-27
“The Social Democratic party of India, (SDPI), is not a party. The SDPI is a mission. This mission is the conscience of the people which took birth in the familiar soil, in the midst of the agonies of the people. Only such a movement can represent the people.

“We are away from the main-stream, with the same sincerity of the small child to announce the nudity of the ruler. This is the guts to say aloud, “that is not the way, this is the way”. Such people have always faced objections and threats, throughout the history. But, the history is with them.
it is a fact that no political party can work in isolation. Since democratic system itself means power sharing, a party like SDPI with influenceamong certain sections must go for alliance with other parties. There can be various modes of cooperation namely:(i) United agitationswith other parties based on issues, (ii) Election alliances with other parties and (iii) Election support to other parties.

the cooperation and alliance sometimes warrant either compromising on basic issues or being silent on certain crucial issues at least for some time. The general norm can be that at every opportunity of aligning with other parties, the ideological foundations and long term goals of the party must be protected.
Like [17]Dislike [1] #31 Vishwaraj, Falnir, Mangalore2013-03-27
I have a strong feeling that SDPI will have a chance to win more seats in coming Karnataka elections. Even my friends in BJP says that they have fear about SDPI than Congress and JDS because there is strong support to SDPI from all people- Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Dalits. So now Not only Congress, BJP also fearing about loosing it's seats for SDPI in Dakshina Kannada. SDPI, go ahead. All the voters wii be with you. Don't care Congress or BJP. Jai SDPI.
Like [5]Dislike [9] #30 Anees UAE, Udupi2013-03-27
SDPI is a new hope of all the marginalized sections of the society who have lost all hopes of equality and justice. "SDPI was able to prove its popularity in the recent elections and this proves that in coming time we will become a powerful force in the political scenario of India.
Like [7]Dislike [9] #29 Asif, Mangalore2013-03-27
SDPI brothers, ignore the negative comments, Nanji Medicine illatho desease.So cheers & Go on. We are with you.
Like [5]Dislike [9] #28 Razi, Mangalore2013-03-27
Dear SDPI brothers, do not bother for the rumors (baseless allegations) as spreading rumors is Geebath which is greater sin.
Have a look at Surah Al-e-Imran verse 54
wa makaruu wa makaral-laah* wal-laahu khayrul maakiriyn
Meaning: Disbelievers plotted and Allah planned too. And Allah is the Best of the planners.
Like [7]Dislike [9] #27 shanu, Kuwait2013-03-27
Nazeer...think and act...you know who is the looser...Akalmand to ishara kafi hai .....SDPI is trying to bring a new hope . Negative thinking people have made this muslim umma a crap think positive and be positive..Muslims need power to live in india and with out joining hand its impossible..for sure you have join hands with the devil...About supporting RSS man what a joke ..it shows how good you are
Like [5]Dislike [9] #26 ANEES, UDUPI2013-03-27



Like [9]Dislike [7] #25 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
Althaf, Kaup- Doha, Instead of just passing the comments, first you count the Muslim votes on each constituency and if needed count the votes of Dalits also. Assume every Muslim and every Dalit voted to your SDPI, still it'll not earn a single seat, I bet!
As far as Congress is concerned, it'll not bother whether Muslim voters support it or reject it! It get it's own secular votes. It's upto majority voters to decide, whether to choose BJP or Congress!
Even if the Congress lost again it has the strength to accept it unlike your petty SDPI.
Dreaming is good for health! Keep dreaming!
Like [11]Dislike [11] #24 ali, mangalore2013-03-27
SDPI is made by BSP. In UP BSP completely disappeared but now they are trying to make market in South India through SDPI . I hope there will be no future for SDPI & BSP in Karnataka as well.
Like [9]Dislike [12] #23 Althaf, Kaup/doha2013-03-27
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

By reading above comments we can judge that who is the looser. Your comments are baseless and illogical. When BJP came to power in Karnataka, was SDPI Contested in any election that time???? Then how come it benefited to BJP. If SDPI contest in election it will not divide the Muslim votes. It will unite the Muslim votes. Everyone should vote for SDPI Instead of wasting valuable vote by voting congress.

Your eyes will open soon after this election. Your image has been spoiled by you...
Like [6]Dislike [14] #22 Reader, India2013-03-27
It shows the movement of SDPI shaked some political party in Karnataka. All the best.
Like [14]Dislike [9] #21 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-27
SDPI- Kinnigoli, by reading your comments, I really feel pity on you.
Congress is not the ruling party, it's opposition party!
If you say the ruling BJP lost some seats because of this "historic" tie- up, then it's your ignorance." There will be no impact on Congress because it's not the ruling party in Karnataka. You guys only can do is just divide Muslim votes to help sunken BJP to get a life!
The forth coming assembly election will be a parameter for such petty parties. It's highly impossible to win a single seat for SDPI but one thing is for sure! Your lost candidates will be garlanded by BJP winners, if they win!
There is no harm in day dreaming. Enjoy the secret financial support from BJP and Gulf hawala money!
Like [8]Dislike [15] #20 zameer, mlore2013-03-27
i think nazeer is like my ancestors because they know only one party congress " kai budunda aklege byate party ye gottujji" nazeer wake up ....
Like [16]Dislike [9] #19 sadique, Mangalore2013-03-26
your right Mr.Zakir...BSP grabbed entire UP its last 5 years ruling. NW SDPI made alliance with that party its showing the SDPI intention.Last UP election PFI and SDPI gave back support to Mulayamsing yadav because of against Mayavathy. After the election Mulayam sing party won the majority through the big support from muslim voters. what they did in UP? nothing they stated gundahesome in UP.The communal violence will never come down after coming this party..Nw SDPI supporting to BSP in karnatak..They wants to make money dats why they make alliance with BSP..there is no difference in SDPI and other parties.They will also make alliance in BJP and KJP if they get money...If they really wants to make changes in Indian politics thy should contest election independently..But they will never do like that this is the Indian dirty politics..
Like [11]Dislike [14] #18 Thammi ullal, Kuwait2013-03-26
Brothers...freedom from hunger freedom from fear.....join sdpi
Like [11]Dislike [15] #17 Sadik Thumbe, Thumbe2013-03-26
Dear brothers…..be positive…I am sure one day my dear brother (Nazeer) will vote for SDPI…..thank you Nazeer for promoting SDPI….Allah bless you..
Like [9]Dislike [16] #16 Rahmathulla, Lore2013-03-26

If you say to us that we should take negative comments then you should also take negative comments. So tit for tat. When you comment negative be ready to also take negative.

Inshallah Sdpi will impact this election
Like [17]Dislike [4] #15 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-26
@ Imran& Mohammad,
Very good comments. Keep it up. May Allah bless you guys.
Like [7]Dislike [15] #14 Mohammed, Mangalore2013-03-26
Brother Abu Haroon...Its not about only ruling...its about making india Fear free ,Hunger free , Indepnedent India.
Nazi Nazeer's negitive comments are most welcome...but should control himself while expressing....

Mr. Ramesh anchan clearly mentioned what SDPi is...just study about party before commenting.

Dont be like" baviyalli iruva mandooka"..be broad.....

Thank You.
Like [7]Dislike [16] #13 SDPI, KINNIGOLI2013-03-26
SDPI, BSP reach seat sharing agreement for Karnataka Assembly polls,This small massage give big head heckl to others !!!!!
in this massage congress already loss some seat in Karnataka !!!!!!!!!!!!! wait up to MAY 8
Like [13]Dislike [17] #12 RAMESH ANCHAN, KUDLA2013-03-26
Do not jeolus about sdpi.in future no.1 party in india.so wait and see.this dream not only muslims, also dalith,christians,sc-st,also thinker,journalist.so wait and see those talking against sdpi.
Like [21]Dislike [2] #11 Abu Haroon, Udupi2013-03-26
Verbal attack on a person, who is having negetive view about mentioned party by its followers clears picture. They cant bear somebody's negetive comment even though they are not in power, imagine what if they have power in their hand?
Like [11]Dislike [16] #10 Naveeen, kuda2013-03-26
wow SDPI has acheived a awesome victory in karnataka . best of luck
Like [8]Dislike [17] #9 Mohammed, Mangalore2013-03-26
Dear Brother Imran
Let me clear you its...Pannipadi & ecchil...Now new name added to the list......nazism nazeer.....

Thank You.
Like [7]Dislike [17] #8 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-03-26
Dear Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore

Loosers already won 17 seats in Local elections. Wake up. Now its your time to loose ...

Nazeer + Congress = Great Loosers
Like [8]Dislike [20] #7 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-03-26
Mr. Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore
How much you received funds from RSS & BJP to comment against SDPI. If you cant do good then keep quite. Let others to do their business. You no need to take any sort of tension. For your kind information keep this point in your corrupt mind that Looser will become Winner One day.That we already saw in Local body election.
Dear Imran, Riyadh you are 100% correct there are many RSS agents in DK including this Nazeer....
Like [9]Dislike [24] #6 Imran, Riyadh2013-03-26
We have seen many RSS agents all over India, In DK there are Gonippadis & Urrchils. Now one more addition Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore
Like [13]Dislike [17] #5 shahanas, kerala2013-03-26
we should nt allow goverment to do corruption.
.......bsp nd sdpi should join...work for secular india...
..fredom from hunger freedom from fear.....join sdpi
Like [20]Dislike [23] #4 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-03-26
Looser + Looser = Double Loosers!
Like [12]Dislike [20] #3 Padmanaba, Mangalore2013-03-26
Good move. go ahead SDPI. You are the new ray of hope in Karnataka. you have proved that in recent urban body election. If you continue to show these kind of broad minded move, BJP will be kicked out of Karnataka soon...!
Like [9]Dislike [24] #2 Imran, Riyadh2013-03-26
This is crystal clear now that SDPI is not going with any corrupt party in spite of all the party has consulted with them with huge money power.

So SDPI-BSP alliance is the right choice for the Karnataka people.
Like [23]Dislike [12] #1 zakir, Mangalore2013-03-26
BSP is not a good party to go with, because of corruption, they have been kicked out in the last election. She spent her last 5 years of administration spending money on erecting statues of her's, kanshiram's and elephants which is not at all good....if they come to power in Karnataka they will do the same in here also by joining hands with SDPI....

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