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February 26, 2017

Riyadh: Kids steal the show at Darul Ilm Madrasa’s ‘Learn the Quran’

P A Hameed Padubidri

Riyadh: The students' talents gala and Learn-the-Quran program of Darul Ilm Madrasa, Riyadh was held today at Noor Mass Istirah at Exit 18 in Riyadh, KSA. The program started at 4 pm with the Quran recitation by Hansa Ashraf.

Lquran 3

The students-both girls & boys-from Nursery class to higher madrasa displayed their various forms of talent activities & competitions like Islamic songs, speeches, moot class, Daff show etc in various languages including Kannada.

The stage program with the presence of guests of honor was also held. Mr. Jalal, Kerala Salafi Association head, M.H.Hameed Mulky, Salafi movement forerunner & one of the KSF founding members, Sharief Yennehole, Dammam-Khobar KSF President, Abubackker Perla, Jeddah KSF Unit President, Rafeeq Salafi, Dawadmi Jaliyath Daee, Moosa Talapady, Riyadh KSF Unit President & others were present on the dias.

"Learn the Quran" text book was released by Abubackker Perla on the occasion. "Aadarsha Diary" a pocket book in Kannada that contain of contents like Touheed, Supplication, Istigaatha, Tawassul, Shirk, Sunnah, Bid'ah, knowing the unseen, Karaamath, Shafa'ath, Sihr etc) was also released on the occasion.

Abdul Qayyum Ullal (Jeddah) was the key note speaker. He spoke on the topic of "TOUHEED-only way for the success of hereafter".

He said-"Touheed is the only & most important tool for a Muslim to gain success here & hereafter (Akhirah) without which everything is lost; just uttering Shahada in mouth is no use unless the hearts are free from contamination of Shirk (belief in the godliness or atrributes of others than Allah); Shirk is a major sin for which, the hellfire is perpetual abode & if anyone dies in that condition, then heaven is prohibited for him..."

He continued to say that-"Allah may forgive all major sins except Shirk; Shirk is the major block for one to enter heaven if he did not repent before his death for his wrong belief..."

He explained the 3 different types of Tauheed like Ruboobiyyah, Uloohiyyah & Asmau Shifath & he also warned about the peril of Shirk in the light of Quran & Sunnah. He quoted various verses of Quran & Swahih Hadeeths in this regard.

The master of ceremony was conducted by Hussain Krishnapura & Ayyoub Kalai, KSF Riyadh unit executives.

The Madrasa was established in 2010 under Riyadh Dawah Center in order to cater the religious (Deeni) education for the NRI children of Karnataka State. It is purely based on Touheed as instructed by Quran & Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SA). It is managed by Karnataka Salafi Foundation (KSF) Riyadh under presidentship of Moosa Talapady. The Marasa is being run under the headship of Haneef Bardila. Quran, its Tajweed, Hadeeth, Fiqh & other subjects in Islam are being imparted in the Madrasa.

Mansour B.M. Krishnapura, Abdul Jabbar, Hamza Ullal, Iqbal Isuzu, Arshad Moosa Talapady, Ashraf Talapady & others from KSF Riyadh have put their hard efforts to make the program grand successfull, which was witnessed by a huge gathering of people from several parts of Saudi Arabia like Dammam-Khobar, Qassim-Buraidah, Jeddah etc. Dinner was provided in the end besides assorted juices & snacks.

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Riyadh: Kids steal the show at Darul Ilm Madrasa’s ‘Learn the Quran’


Mohammed Ashraf... - Monday, 27 February 2017

Masha'Allah, nice program of Darul Ilm Madrasa students conducted by Karnataka Salafi Foundation, Riyadh. The children from nursery to higher madrasa classes showed their excellent talents. May Allah keep their spirit alive and may Allah keep us in Tauheed until our last breath and protect us from being trapped into Shirk.

Well Wisher - Monday, 27 February 2017

Masha Allah. Well organized program by KSF Riyadh. May Allah (S) protect us from Shirk & Bid'at

salman - Monday, 27 February 2017

Dear brothers, ( who ascribe themselves to salafiyyah),

First understnd the meaning of salafi which means following the first generation, who are the sahabaas.

Do you think Sahabaas would permit costumes and these drama things?

why do you brothers mix deen with your vain desires? did you inherit this salafiyyah from your forefathers so that you do whatever you feel is correct and ascribe that to islaam? the worst thing is you have mixed this falsehood with islam. where is the proof for doing all these things?

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