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February 27, 2017

Riyadh: Khidmah Foundation holds annual general body meeting

Media Release

Riyadh: Khidmah Foundation Riyadh Unit (KF) held its annual general body meeting at Maqsoura Conference hall of East Ramada Hot on 17th Feb 2017. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the holy Quran by Mohammed Nasrullah Kandlur.

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Janab Ashraf Koteshwar welcomed the gathering and expressed his gratitude to all KF Life members, Office bearers of the organization and the guests.

Brother Yaseen Shirur was given the stage space to briefly highlight the Goals and Targets of Khidmah Foundation and that each and every individual needs to solely take the responsibility of representing oneself as a better human and be more responsible in life with positivity towards the life itself.

KF General Secretary Mr. Fazlu Rehman Kolkar presented the Achievements of KF in Kundapur Taluk during the year 2015-16 through a detailed presentation. He thanked all the committee members of KF Riaydh as well as India Unit for their excellent efforts for extending their support for the tremendous achievement this year.

He also thanked the well-wishers and a newly formed KF Dammam Unit for taking the initiative and completing 1 year successfully and appealed to all the Youngsters to take lead and step forward for the noble cause which is one of the best ways to please Almighty Allah and get the rewards when one departs this world.

KF Riyadh Unit senior advisor Janab Saifuddin Kirimanjeshwar presented his thoughts on being a responsible human by looking after one’s home and fulfilling one’s personal rights and then move forward towards serving the community in order to attain good rewards for the hereafter. He asserted that the one who does not belong to his own family will not belong to the community or the society. Hence it is very essential to look after one’s home first and then serving the community or the society comes next.

The Treasurer JanabNasrullah Sheikh Kirimanjeshwar presented the annual statement of accounts and the balance sheet with detailed expenses and income for the year 2015-16.

Janab Abdussalam Moulana and Janab Bedre Ibrahim Hanglur shared their thoughts on this auspicious occasion. The President Janab Abdul Gafoor Sheikh Basrurdelivered the vote of thanks speech by thanking all the members for tremendous achievement under his president ship and thereafter the Old Committee was dissolved and a new Committee for the year 2017 was formed.

Janab Yaseen Shirur was elected as president for the current term for Riyadh HQ and Janab Abdussalam Moulana was elected as the vice president. Janab Fazlu Rehman Kolkar has been elected as the General Secretary HQ. Janab Kolkar Jaffer is the Chairman of HQ and JanabBedre Ibrahim Hanglur has been elected as vice chairman. The Other responsibilities were shared by the rest of the committee members.

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Riyadh: Khidmah Foundation holds annual general body meeting


Shaikh Jafar - Monday, 27 February 2017

Masha allha best of luck for new committee members.
Mabrook Yaseen bhai and Abdul Salam bhai to be new President and wise President.

Shaikh Jafar - Monday, 27 February 2017

Masha allha mabrok all new committee members
Mabrook Yaseen bhai and Moulana Abdul Salam to b a new President and Wise President for this year

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