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May 16, 2017

Sheikh Nizamuddin is new president of Jam’iyyatul Falah Dammam unit

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Al-Khobar: The Dammam unit of Jam’iyyatul Falah conducted its 29th Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) in Marhaba Restaurant at Al-Khobar. The master of the ceremony Ameen Shaik opened the meeting with Islamic Greetings and invited the Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Waris and other distinguished guests (Dr. Zaheer Baig - Scientist at KFUPM, Ex-Ameer Mohammed Farook and Abbas Uchil, Excom JF Riyadh), including President, Treasurer and Secretary of Dammam Unit on the dais.

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The meeting commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mohammad Mubeen and he enlightened the importance of Charity in Islam and emphasized the audience to come forward and help the needy in the community for its betterment and gain rewards from Allah (SWT). Rafiq Nariyar welcomed all the members and guests in his welcome speech.

In his presidential speech, Mohamed Sharief Sultan thanked the committee for giving him the opportunity to lead JF Dammam Unit for the term 2016-2017. With all the best wishes and support from the Committee, was able to justify the role as President for the given term. He expressed his appreciation and also thanked all the committee members for their enormous support which had strengthened Dammam Unit to lead in the direction of prosperity.

The annual report for the term 2016-2017 was read by the General Secretary Junaid Ibn Munaf. First he briefed about Jam’iyyatul Falah to the audience, which literally represents an association meant for the welfare of less privileged brothers & sisters of the society, which came into existence in 1988. The first and foremost priority of Jam’iyyatul Falah is given to EDUCATION, spreading literacy and all round development of the less privileged families in the community. JF also provides scholarships under different schemes for the needy students in twin districts. JF frequently organize the Medical camps, awareness of healthcare, health camps, eye camps and special medical check-up (including ladies by lady doctors) in Mangaluru & Udupi. JF also provides Dialysis medical treatment for poor Kidney patients. JF also provide free education in their PU College at Derlakatte for poor girls’ student.

Treasurer Abdul Rashid presented the annual financial reports of Dammam Unit for the Year 2016-2017. It mainly highlighted the financial support given to various programs and activities conducted in Mangalore.

The appreciations and mementos were awarded to the members recognizing for their enormous support rendered to JF Dammam Unit during the term 2016-2017.

1. Most Promising Member of the Year was awarded to Sadiq Ahmed.
2. Very Special Honor was awarded to Mohammad Ashraf.
4. President’s Choice Award was awarded to Mohammad Sharief Hassan.
5. Outstanding Support to Dammam Unit awarded to Ahmed Abbas.
6. Committee Member of the Year was awarded to Suneer Ahmed and Nizamuddin Shaikh.
7. Best Supportive Member of the Year was awarded to Sharief Karkala and Abdul Najeeb.
8. Special Appreciation to Official Caterer was awarded to Golden Spoon Restaurant.

Very special thanks were given to the committee members for their support in sponsoring the monthly meetings in different venues.

Mohammad Arif Shaikh dissolved the present committee and the Election Officers from JF Jubail Unit (Mohammed Farook and Siddik Abobukkar) took the dais to conduct the Election. The New Committee of 50 members was formed for the Term 2017-2018. The Office Bearers were unanimously elected by the managing committee.

The Office Bearers for the Term 2016-2017.
1) Sheikh Nizamuddin : President
2) Sharief Karkala : Vice President
3) Rafiq Nariyar : Vice President
4) Ameen Shaikh : General Secretary
5) Mohammed Junaid Shaikh : Joint Secretary
6) Abdul Rasheed Vardara : Treasurer
7) Suneer Ahmed : Joint Treasurer
8) Imtiaz Ahmed : Auditor
9) Sadiq Ahmed : Organizing Secretary
10) Mohammad Ashraf : Event Coordinator
11) Mohammad Iqbal Shaikh : Event Coordinator
12) Mohammad Siraj : Sports Coordinator
13) Mohammad Imran : Sports Coordinator
14) Ahmed Abbas : Advisor
15) Abdul Munaf U.S. : Advisor
16) Mohammed Hussain Araki : Advisor
17) Shahul Hameed : NRCC Representative
18) Mohamed Wahid : NRCC Representative
19) Mansour Ali Ahmed : NRCC Representative

The newly elected President, Sheikh Nizamuddin addressed the new committee and thanked all the members for showing confidence in him to serve the Unit during the term 2017-2018. Taking into consideration the support from the new and the outgoing committee, he assured to exhibit his role as President with better productivity with the ‘Vision of Success and Achievement’.

The senior-most member of Jam’iyyatul Falah Shahul Hameed took the opportunity to encourage the New Committee to work with commitment, devotion, hard-work and determination. He uncovered the ground reality of the downtrodden poor villages and its poverty which is growing day by day and requested new members to join hands to build a better community back home.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Mohammad Iqbal Shaikh and on behalf of JF Dammam Unit; he expressed the gratitude to all the members and guests for their kind presence and congratulated the New Committee for their success in accomplishing all the future assignments of Jam’iyyatul Falah.

The Annual General Body Meeting was dispersed with the Dua and the photo session of New Committee Members was conducted.

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Sheikh Nizamuddin is new president of Jam’iyyatul Falah Dammam unit


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