December 29, 2018

TV anchor tenders apology after derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad web desk

Newsroom, Dec 29: A pro-Sangh Parivar journalist, who had earned the wrath of Muslim community in Karnataka by making derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad, has tendered an apology publicly.

Ajit Hanumakkanavar, a Kannada journalist, who appears on Suvarna News Kannada TV channel, during a debate, had unwarrantedly hurled offensive remarks against whom Muslims believe the God’s final messenger to the mankind.

Social media platforms flooded with condemnations and warnings following the remarks on Friday. The journalist also reportedly received death threat on Facebook. A few organisations also had planned to stage protest against the anchor and the TV channel.

However, at night Hanumakkanavar appeared again on the TV screen just to tender an apology for his unacceptable remarks and claimed that his intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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TV anchor tenders apology after derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad


shaji - Sunday, 30 December 2018

It is welcome move by Muslims all over India to condemn illogical and baseless remarks made by this pro sanghi journalist.   There should be strict rules in India that none should defame or talk baseless agaisnt any religion + God + Messenger.    such hate mongers should be jaled for not less than 5 years and should be levied penalty of not less than Rs. 10 lacs.    With this strict rule we cannot stop such hate mongers from vomitting hate.    Organisaton behind such hate mongers should also be banned.  

Abumohammed - Saturday, 29 December 2018

Assalamu Alaikum


  1.   Dear Cd
  2. i am asking with you
  3. Readers know very well this news media of yours 
  4. a muslims ownered i am asking with you
  5.   which thing stoped you putting (PBUH)
  6. if any othere religion religious person names your mentioning with respectfully and should be   ?Prophet (PBUH)also, then why not most beloved 

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