'This Is Painful': Hillary Clinton Addresses Stunned Staff And Nation In Defeat

Washington, Nov 10: Hillary Clinton saw a rancorous campaign through to its bitter end on Wednesday, conceding the presidency to a man she had called unfit for the office and a threat to the fabric of the country.

In defeat, Clinton turned one of her...

US presidency under Trump to boost strategic ties with India

Washington, Nov 9: US presidency under Donald Trump, a confessed big fan of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is most likely to boost Indo-US strategic relationship with a special emphasis on defence ties and counter-terrorism cooperation.

Trump, 70, had recently described India as "a...

Trump victory elicits fears, some cheers around the globe

London, Nov 9: The world faces a starkly different America led by a President Donald Trump.

While the billionaire businessman's election was welcomed in some countries, others saw it as a big shock, as governments will now have to deal with a man who has...


Will deal fairly with everyone: Trump's victory speech (full text)

Donald Trump held his first speech as the next official president of the United States on Election Day just after the final polls came in showing the Republican nominee defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the White House.

The real estate magnate and...

Donald Trump triumphs over Hilary Clinton in White House upset

Washington, Nov 9: Republican Donald Trump stunned the world on Tuesday by defeating heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.



Donald Trump peeks at Melania's ballot

New York, Nov 9: Donald Trump cast his ballot under a hail of boos on Tuesday near his home in the Democratic stronghold of New York, in a historic presidential election pitting the billionaire Republican against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Hundreds of...

Trump within reach of shock White House win

New York, Nov 9: Billionaire populist Donald Trump was poised for a possible shock victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's historic US presidential election, as a string of swing state victories for the Republican jolted world markets and stunned her supporters.


2 dead, including gunman, in shooting near California polls

California, Nov 9: A gunman with an assault rifle killed a man and critically wounded two women Tuesday in a California neighborhood near two polling sites that were shut down before the attacker was found dead inside a nearby home, authorities said.

One polling place...

Trump's son violated the law while voting?

Washington, Nov 9: Eric Trump may have broken New York state law by tweeting a photo of his completed ballot.

The second son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted a photo of a ballot with the oval over his father's...

Donald Trump wins key states, edges closer to White House

Washington, Nov 9: Donald Trump was on the cusp of creating history as he inched closer to clinching the US presidency with a strong showing in battleground states helping him trump Hillary Clinton in the knife-edge race.

Major US news networks projected Republican candidate...