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AI detects new class of genetic mutations behind autism

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), researchers have discovered new genetic flaws that contribute to autism in people.

Most previous research on the genetic basis of disease has focused on the 20,000 known genes and the surrounding sections of DNA that regulate those genes.

However, even this enormous amount of genetic information makes up only slightly more than one per...

Cranberries may help combat superbugs: Study

Toronto, May 29: Cranberry extracts can make disease-causing bacteria more sensitive to lower doses of antibiotics that may help counter the global threat of superbugs, according to a study.

The spread of antibiotic resistance worldwide is undermining decades of progress in fighting bacterial infections.

Due to the overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture, we are on the...

VR can spot early symptoms of Alzheimer's: Study

London, May 24: Virtual reality (VR) can identify early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease more accurately than 'gold standard' cognitive tests currently in use, a study claims.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK noted that brain contains a mental 'satnav' (satellite navigation) of where we are, where we have been, and how to find our way around....

Air pollution may up childhood anxiety, depression

Washington, May 23: Being exposed to traffic-related air pollution can alter brain chemicals in children, increasing the risk of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, a study has found.

Exposure to air pollution is a well-established global health problem associated with complications for people with asthma and respiratory disease, as well as heart conditions and an...

Good physical health can keep liver disease at bay

Washington, May 21: The importance of physical activity can't be undermined and a new study has given more reasons to follow an active lifestyle.

The study has claimed that activities like walking and muscle strengthening were associated with significantly reduced risk of liver-related death. Chronic liver disease is increasing, partly due to the obesity epidemic, and currently,...

Men ignore health risks of steroids: Study

Moscow, May 20: Many men continue to abuse steroids to achieve muscular bodies despite knowing that the drug have potentially lethal side effects, a study has found.

Anabolic steroids such as testosterone are performance-enhancing hormones that increase muscle mass and boost athletic ability, which has led to their misuse and abuse by some, and men in particular....

Jawless fish may help cure brain cancer

Washington, May 16: A chemical found in jawless parasitic fish can be used to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to brain tumors, as well as lead to more effective treatments for trauma and stroke, a study has found.

The research, published in the journal Science Advances, found that molecules from the immune system of the parasitic sea lamprey...

Soy protein lowers cholesterol: Study

As the food authority is planning to remove soy from list of heart-healthy food, researchers through a study evaluated and determined soy protein has the ability to lower cholesterol by a small but significant amount.

According to the study published in the Journal of Nutrition, forty-one trials examined the protein's effects on low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is often...

Heart abnormalities from premature birth can be corrected with exercise in young adulthood

New Delhi, May 6: People who suffer from heart abnormalities due to preterm birth could correct the damage with exercise in young adulthood, according to a study, which was presented at EuroCMR 2019. Around one to two per cent of adults today were born more than two months prematurely (very preterm) and have heart abnormalities that increase their risk...

Obesity and mental health woes go hand-in-hand: Study

Apr28: Obesity and emotional problems, such as feelings of low mood and anxiety, tend to develop hand-in-hand from as young as age 7 years, according to new research.

The study was presented in the meeting, the European Congress on Obesity.

The nationwide study comparing over 12,000 Swedish children who had undergone obesity treatment with more...