This journey started In coffee cups Over ideas that brewed to life. It started when I saw the rain fall upon the window pane. It started when freedom learnt to speak And when insecurities looked bleak. It started with conversations in the sound of new languages And in the middle of unfamiliar streets. When a stranger's look turned into friendly greets. It only started, When it all ended All my

Sailing to the coast of vision With deep and silent sentiment In favourable waves by the side To uphold our country’s pride. With the mast of the ship like flag fluttering To reach where everyone dreams are fulfilled With different cultures moving in same direction For the ship to reach the destination. Where people are fed with knowledge And country moves forward as it age Being the one to be

When storm lavishes from wounds of heart And thoughts branches of human trees sway away The woods of life cries for happiness Let the light of love from the horizon dance. So verdant leaves filled with peace Let yield everlasting ripe fruits To germinate into seeds of hope for next generation When emotions of life change like seasons. The presence of happiness in life everywhere Is what in the

The village we lived in was a heaven on earth, From tall trees, chirping birds, and the smell of cashew. We’d grow our crop, and nurture it from birth; Solution to spoilt crop, came with a helicopter that flew. ‘Endosulfan’, the medicine is sprayed, On trees, on flowers, on rivers, on tars. And just when, the crops had the pathway laid, The medicine helped us feast on cheap fish, but sour! And

As the flag unfurls amidst The birds in the sky, Our Indian blood makes our "Patriotism" run high. We walk around with flags, And shout greetings on the street, Not noticing the blood that Runs crimson at our feet. When equality has become more Of a slogan than a practice, We pretend to be deaf to all Inequality that surrounds us. Happy Independence Day, India, You're free from outer rule, Now

As a world implores,and another lends a hand.I begin to really wonder, where do I stand? In the midst of silent war, I'm a simpleton indeed.What is just one person, when they kill in creeds? Surrounded by bloodshed, that I cannot understand.I begin to really wonder, where do I stand? An illusion of salvationand a reality of pain. The world now gone, won't ever be the same again! A person raises

She was the life of the field,Solitary rose, standing tall,Surrounded by lilies in pristine white,Through dry summers and harsh falls. They shunned her for being different,Forced her to be like the rest,They stamped out the 'extra' from her extraordinary.She became everything she detects. The rose turned into a lily,Unnoticeable, insignificant to all,Then they told her thatShe doesn't appeal or

Look what the world Has come to today, Is it something new? Or Has it always been this way? Everything labelled, with The narrowest of minds, In the perspective of those in Power, everyone's blind. A young boy, who undoubtedly Was extraordinary, Rather than being recognized As a young visionary, Was led out, in handcuffs, Really? Is this the truth? Is this how they treat the Few genius youth? It

I see the throngs around me,Busting around busily.I wonder, how do people attachThemselves to things, so easily. They lead a material life, andSo they are in celebration,And they end up shopping, inTimes of adoration. They adorn their bodies withTheir finest jewels,And we with genuine smiles,Our sorrows in a quell. I watch them indulged in luxuryWith a tinge of sorrow.'Cause that'll never be my

You know, I can hear you, when I try,so Mummy, why do youso often cry? Curled up, in my home, my headtouching my feet,Mummy, I love the steady soundof your heartbeat. Mummy, why did you go to thedoctor today?I understood little of what hehad to say, Am I just a burden, from which youwant to be free?Mummy, my dear, why is it youdon't want me? Now, this is all I think about,day and night,Mummy, you