How wonderful is ourDaily life?Don't we know how our peopleWither in strife? The enormity of the situationCannot be explained,As humans, in the sufferingWe should be pained. In Pakistan, the latest atrocityDid incident,And so many innocent children facedA predicament. How disgusting it is, the youngBlood they spill,And they think their ‘mission'Is greater still? How painful! the state of the

15-12-2014Dear Diary,It was fun the whole eveningThough towards the end, I pukedAs my head was reeling bad.So much I swirled to get that twirl rightThe way it was shown at school today.Nana said, I look funny in Tennure,*Ammi cut and sewn out of Abba's white tunic.But Abba told, I look fine when heMade his cap, to a Sikke** and gave. 16-12-2014Dear Diary,Aman was giggling when he saw my sikke

When outsiders look at India,they see, A beautiful independent country, a place that is free. But how can India be liberated with dirt under your feet, With people spitting and littering our beautiful streets? Cleanliness is Godliness, one of the first things we're taught The words maybe small, but they do mean a lot. The change starts only at each and every home, So take ‘Clean India Campaign'

Hamas rockets land Israel it readWar is an act of self defence they saidWar can help us get back our duesWe seek justice through war was another excuse On another headline some light was shed100s wounded and 500 deadWe will fight back n not suffer the abuseWeapons were collected and bombs were put to use Houses destroyed and innocents deadHelpless and fragile children to be fedFrightened and