Amritha Vydoori S P
February 9, 2018

It follows her from dawn to dusk

making her to do things and not to;

leaving her to wonder!


Beware! utters it at times.

Go on! A voice stirs from depths.

People chide her when she says this.

But this is her boon- she is pretty sure of it.


It keeps her strong during the toughest of times,

igniting flames of courage in her


But at times, she shudders at what it brings

And at times,  she is glad


It is her strength.

A hand to hold in this unsure world.

A voice that leads.

A light in this dark world.


She sees things that are meant to be


Letting sweat trickle down her spine

Leaving her paralysed with fear


She tries to fill her mind with fresh thoughts,

Attract the good,

but something creeps from the darkest corners again -

Leaving her to wonder!!


Some marvel at her power, and some curse her for those.

Despise her for bringing bad luck through her thoughts

A witch she is! they say - Else how could she?!


She remains there,  knowing all these,

helpless of her thoughts

She means no harm, but it happens…

It just happens without her knowledge;

her power to prophecy bringing visions


A wise ghost it is.

It follows her from dawn to dusk…


Amritha Vydoori S P is a research scholar at Department of English in University of Calicut.


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