The Rational Way of Welcoming Ramadan

Muhammad Abdullah Javed
April 12, 2021


With the advent of Ramadan a glittering change all around can be witnessed, as if darkness in the ambiance has experienced a precipitous illumination. Ramadan is a spring month that nourishes virtues in the heart as rain helps vegetation grows from the earth.

It’s a month of the Quran, a Book that leads human kind from the depth of darkness (ظلمات) to the light of guidance (نور), beyond that….rejuvenates the human life itself. It’s the month of fasting that helps realize the bounties (نعمہ) of the Creator and overcome the weaknesses. It’s the month of awards and rewards, the fasting, the prayers, the remembrance of Allah, the alms and charity…all have their own multifold rewards as compared to what one gets in normal days. It’s the month of mercy, love, and feeling ones’ pain, as fasting demands abstinence from food, water and sexual desires. 

Being conscious of pains and problems, the Muslims form a versatile relationship with the human beings. It becomes moral and religious responsibility of each and every one to fulfill the need of any person who experiences hunger and thirst. If one goes with this spirit of Ramadan, the progress can be seen both at individual and societal planes.

The blessed month Ramadan revolves around the dignity and reverence of the Quran. Just look at the sequence, the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan (Surah Al-Baqarah: 183), it’s a month of fastings, the fastings have been prescribed to cultivate piety (تقوی) and piety has been made obligatory to understand and get acquaint with Quranic guidance.

The one, who gets to depth of its spirit, tries for self-purification and understanding of the Quran is truly blessed. Just ponder, is it possible to reach to desired levels of understanding the Quran through prayers, fastings (صیام), standing in the night (قیام اللیل) and recitation of the Quran (تلاوت) ? For a fair understanding of the Book, try and find perfect answers for the following: 

(1) How the Quran deals with its subject “man” - and what is its view point about the society?

(2) How the Quran formulates the tenets of faith along with expressing the ideas and views that are essential for a man?

(3) How this Holy Book explains the principles of moral and ethical values for the purpose of social and familial existence?

(4) What is the message for humanity that the Quran conveys?

(5) What is the outlook of the Quran regarding the world, universe, life and death?

(6) How it elaborates the concepts of success and failure?

(7) How it elucidates the conceptual details pertaining to virtues and vices?

(8) What criteria and standards should be used to judge the authenticity and genuineness of the Quran?

(9) What are the Quranic ideas of propagation of virtues and eradication of evils?

(10) How Quran can be a Book of Guidance for the entire humanity?

If given serious thought to these queries and ensure a regular sitting for individual and collective studies of the Quran, a vibrant and lively relation with the Book is bound to happen. Recitation, memorization and application of the verses help understand the distinguished features of the Quran. With its unique style of proclamation, admiration, negation and addressing the human intellect, the Quran stands tall as the only source of guidance for the humanity. Its teachings help understand that the Quran:

• Introduces the Creator through His creatures.
• Describes the Blessings of God.
• Cultivates both fear and love of the Creator in the heart.
• Introduces those whom God loves.
• Introduces those whom God does not like
• Presents the words of God that help understand the forms of worship.
• Provides means to obey the Creator with intense love.
• Refreshes thoughts and keeps the hopes alive.
• Inspires to be good and do good.
• Develops personality with a balanced approach for nourishment of the traits.
• Offers guidance for the business and transactions.
• Tells how to behave with parents, children, and neighbors.
• Unveils the secrets of happy married life.
• Helps society scale heights of peace and progress.
• Inculcates a burning desire for promotion of virtues and eradication of evils from the society.
• Presents solutions for the burning issues.
• Suggests methods for fulfilling the necessities of life.
• Teaches the secrets of success and failure.
• Reveals hard realities of life.
• Carries the readers along with the discussion to be its part.
• Puts analytical discussion to distinguish between true and false god.
• Poses questions.
• Develops a sense of superior being in every individual.
• Invites to think over the self and the entire universe.
• Discusses the lives of the Prophets with emphasis on the behavioral attitudes of their followers.
• Takes on a journey of the past.
• Explains the rise and fall of the nations.
• Prepares for the next life.
• Explains the ways of admission in paradise.
• Suggests ways for protection from hell.

Gear up for an absolute understanding of the Quran this Ramadan. Ensure that the queries and the distinguished features accompany you and become a part of your intellect, should create interest while reading the Book and inspire to be an ardent follower of its teachings, all the way, all the time.


The author is the Director of AJ Academy For Research and Development, Raichur, Karnataka. He can be reached at [email protected]


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News Network
May 26,2024


In a tragic road accident, six members of a family died on the spot after their car jumped the median and hit a truck coming from the opposite direction in Eechanahalli village near Hassan town on Sunday.

The incident took place around 5.45 am on Sunday when the family was returning from Mangaluru. The deceased have been identified as Sunand, 40, Narayanaswamy, 50, Nethra, 25, Ravi Kumar, 30, Chethan, 7, and Gunashekar, 28. All of the deceased were residents of Devanahalli, Bengaluru Rural district.

According to police sources, the family had hired a Toyota Etios car and had visited Mangaluru for medical purposes. Gunashekar was driving the car.

A cop said, “We suspect Gunashekar’s drowsiness may have led to the accident. The car hit the road median and jumped to the other lane. It crashed into a container truck coming from the opposite direction. Going by the impact of the accident, it seems that the car was being driven at a high speed.”

The bodies were shifted to Hassan Institute Of Medical Sciences (HIMS). The Hassan traffic police have registered a case under Sections 279 (driving in a negligent manner endangering human life) and 304 (a) (death of any person by doing any rash or negligent act not amounting to culpable homicide) of the Indian Penal Code.
Additional Director General of Police (Traffic and Road Safety) Alok Kumar posted on X, “In last 24 hrs 51 lives lost in road accidents in Karnataka, one of the highest toll in recent past. Many of these caused due to rash & reckless driving. Road safety needs responsible behaviour from all the stakeholders.”


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News Network
May 17,2024


Hubballi, May 17: Karnataka Police have arrested the killer, Vishwa, also known as Girish, in the sensational Anjali Ambigera murder case, police said on Friday.

Preliminary investigations reveal that Vishwa was a habitual thief who exploited innocent young women. The accused is also a drunkard and was caught while attempting to commit theft. He was also part of a gang which stole bikes.

The accused targeted gullible young women, enacting a drama of love and playing the emotional card to forcefully extort gold, silver, and cash from them. When Anjali did not agree to any of his attempts to rob her and outrightly rejected his offer to go with him to Mysuru city, he brutally killed her.

The police had formed two teams to hunt down the killer. One of the teams was searching in the south Karnataka region, and another team, which launched a hunt in Davanagere, nabbed him. The accused was arrested by the police on Thursday.

The police could not catch him sooner as the killer did not carry a mobile phone and did not use his phone for 15 days, before murdering Anjali. The jurisdictional Bendigeri Police were aware of the killer's history, but even after the complaint by the girl’s family, they showed "utter negligence".

The 24-year-old Vishwa entered Anjali Ambigera's (20) residence at 5.30 A.M. on Wednesday and stabbed the young woman multiple times before she could react. Vishwa dragged Anjali Ambigera all over the house, kicking and stabbing her. Later, he pushed her into the kitchen where he stabbed her repeatedly.

Despite efforts by Anjali’s grandmother and two sisters to stop the attacker, he killed her and managed to flee. The incident occurred in the Veerapura Oni area within the jurisdiction of the Bendigeri Police Station.

Vishwa had been blackmailing Anjali and pressurising her to accompany him to Mysuru without informing her parents. The incident which took place close on the heels of MCA student Neha Hiremath’s brutal murder by the jilted lover has raised concern over the safety of women all across the state.

The BJP had demanded the resignation of Home Minister G. Parameshwara while the Congress leaders have also demanded that the Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar should be transferred for failing to sensitise the police force regarding issues of women’s safety.


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News Network
May 23,2024


Bengaluru, May 23: Karnataka’s capital has once again got bomb threat in 10 days, with three reputed hotels in including The Oterra receiving terror emails today.

Following this, the Bomb Squad and Police teams rushed to the spot and are currently at The Oterra Hotel, DCP South East Bengaluru said.

The recent development comes as Delhi's North Block that houses the home ministry office, received a bomb threat on Wednesday. 

According to a Delhi Fire Services (DFS) official, the threat was received through an email which was sent around 3.30 PM to a senior officer posted at the ministry. The email stated that the building will explode as a bomb is planted.

Subsequently, the Police and fire department personnel, bomb disposal and detection teams, and a dog squad were deployed for the search operation at the North Block. However, the threat was later declared a hoax after nothing objectionable was found.

In another similar incident that occurred in the city last week on May 14, eight schools in various parts of Bengaluru received a bomb threat via email. This too was later declared a hoax by the city police.

On May 13, six private hospitals in Bengaluru also received bomb threat through email, although it did not specify which branch. Acting swiftly, the state police deloyed teams to all the hospital branches, initiating a comprehensive search operation in the hospitals.

The email was sent to the Bengaluru Police's Special Branch, alleging the presence of explosive materials inside the hospitals. However, during the investigation and combing operation, the threat was found to be a hoax.


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