P A Hameed Padubidri
April 23, 2020

I looked around me
As I was walking in my own shoes.

Right & left
Front & back, up & down
But none is around...

Just opened the windows
And took a little peep,
As if a lover take a furtive look into his Lover's casement ajar;
I found none. 

Then I opened my front door...
Looked right & left
And rushed to the main gate,
If I could see anyone behind the wall;
Still I did see none.

I saw broken glazed glasses-  
That are being scattered everywhere
On the ground...

Also, I looked at withered leaves 
That are falling down & rolling away.
I eyed on rapidly falling stars, 
But I became helpless to know, 
Where they fell on. 

I could see the giant ship sailing, 
In the mid of deep surging Ocean,
Lost their navigation 
To the 'invisible storm';
The passengers are crying-
Loudly & helplessly,
But the captain sent SOS...!!! 

I went hurriedly & sat on the chair-
Deeply contemplating like a oblivious Saint;
And ridiculously conjectured:



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