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Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions'. This quote is absolutely true because teachers impart vision to the students at a very tender age and help them to guide their thoughts and energize them in pursuing a career. But the wordprofession' actually does not suit the noble work that the teacher does. The wordprofession' according to oxford dictionary isa paid occupation'

From bypassing crucial environmental clearances to illegal logging of trees and major construction works in identified elephant corridors in Sakleshpur taluk in Hassan district, the Yettinahole river diversion project has allegedly flouted innumerable laws and policies during its implementation. Renamed as Yettinahole Integrated Drinking Water Project at present, it originally proposed acquisition

Mangaluru, Aug 2: The official logo of Amaco Mangalore Premier League-2015 was launched in a grand ceremony organised by Karnataka Regional Cricket Academy (KRCA) at Forum Fiza Mall in the city on Sunday. During the launch ceremony, the names of the 12 cricket teams to compete in the cricket league were announced. The franchise of one of the participating teams – XI, owned by

Mangaluru: Surrounded by lush green fields, Pandyar and Nadodi are peaceful and serene areas located near Kutharguthu in Munnur gram panchayat in Mangaluru taluk. However, despite being a calm and picturesque location, these areas are almost deserted with the local residents abandoning their homes and moving elsewhere. In Pandyar and Nadodi hamlets that sit on approximately five acres of plains

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims the world over. Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk for the duration of Ramadan. For some, fasting may appear as a form of deprivation and of bodily exertion. On one level, abstaining from sensual needs and pleasures is indeed a physical experience. But those who stop at the physical aspects of fasting miss the

Mangaluru: The lack of a prayer-room at Mangaluru International Airport has been causing inconveniences to many air passengers, especially for those who offer prayers regularly. Many Muslim passengers currently offer prayer in a congested area near the washroom at the new integrated terminal building. The airport has seen an increase in visitors from the Middle Eastern countries in recent year and

Diplomat-turned-politician Mani Shankar Aiyar, one of the veteran leaders of Indian National Congress, believes that the 130-year-old party can bounce back to power in 2019 by exposing the failures and false promises of Narendra Modi-led NDA government. Speaking to during his recent Dubai visit, the septuagenarian leader welcomed the regrouping of Janata Parivar and hoped that it

While shifting some Muslim under-trials from one jail to another in the southern state of Telangana, the escorting policemen stopped their van at a secluded place and asked the men to run away. But the men did not follow the order from the police and refused to get down from the van there because, they said later, in a conspiracy the policemen perhaps wanted to shoot them from the back and pass

Mangaluru: With dissatisfaction growing among people across coastal Karnataka with regard to allegedinaction' by the concerned government authorities against Mangalore One School over the sexual abuse of a three-and-half-year old nursery student by a school driver three weeks ago, a campaign was spearheaded by few activists and members of the society –Justice for Baby Nirbhaya, Mangalore' –

Dronacharya was undoubtedly a great teacher. He taught the princes who used to attend his classes very well. Ekalavya being a bad student, didn't even attend a single class. Still he managed to learn of his own and proved himself to be better archer than all of Drona's pupils including his favourite Arjuna. Practically, a student with zero attendance was far better than the students who regularly