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3 simple exercises for a flat tummy

Want that enviable washboard ab? Practicing these moves regularly will help you

Don't want to end up injured or exhausted? Don't overdo things on the workout front. Instead, aim for a brisk 20-minute walk every day to burn fat, plus do the following exercises to help tone your abdominal muscles.


Fad diets can work, but experts find no magic slimming bullet

Resolutions to lose weight are often made in January yet almost as frequently abandoned as heavy hopefuls find diets that demand fasting, virtually no carbs or liquid food shakes notoriously hard to stick to. But even "fad" diets can lead to a slimmer, lighter New Year for those whose resolve remains robust, according to doctors and nutritionists analysing...


Five secrets for quitting smoking in 2014

Most smokers say they want to quit and many will make a New Year’s Resolution to quit in 2014. If this is your year to quit, the American Lung Association (ALA) offers five tips to help you along the way:

1. Learn from past experiences. Most smokers have tried to quit in the past...

Early detection key to defeating breast cancer, say experts

Jeddah, Dec 30: The Pakistan Welfare Society (PWS) organized a women’s health awareness program on Saturday with the aim of enlightening the people about health issues.

The program comprised a panel of four female doctors — Dr. Rabia Khatoon, family consultant at King Fahd Hospital; Dr. Nilofar Azra, gynecologist and obstetrician; Dr. Farzana Iqbal, gynecologist...

4 Keys to Building Muscle Fast

Dec 25: There’s a reason why you’re spending countless hours in the gym but still looking scrawny and not brawny: muscle mass isn’t built solely in the weight room. In fact, what you’re doing at the kitchen table–and even in the bedroom—may be more important for gaining muscle mass than what you’re lifting. (Of course what you’re...

E-cig users sucking in more toxins than regular smokers - research

Dec 16: They are marketed as being healthier than conventional cigarettes, but new research suggests people who smoke electronic cigarettes could still be inhaling a host of dangerous chemicals.

People who smoke e-cigarettes may inhale higher concentrations of nicotine and of other toxins, say U.S researchers.

Nicotine is both addictive and,...

Add nuts to your diet for sake of health, longevity

Dec 15: Nuts to you! No, that’s not an insult. It’s a recommendation to add nuts to your diet for the sake of health and longevity.

Consistent evidence for the health benefits of nuts has been accumulating since the early 1990s. Frequent nut consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of major chronic...

Choice of coffee or beer can affect your DNA

Jerusalem, Dec 6: Your choice of coffee or beer can not only affect your mood, but also influence a part of DNA linked to ageing and cancer, a new study claims.

Working with a kind of yeast that shares many important genetic similarities with humans, the researchers from the Tel Aviv University found that...

Best exercises for a flat stomach

Dec 6: A bulging stomach is a problem area for most mortals. Even those who are naturally thin tend to develop a paunch as they step into their 30s.

Our stomachs store fat for a number of reasons; these reasons range from the genetic to plain abuse of food and drink, with little to...

Indian-origin doc performs life-saving heart op on US actor

Washington, Dec 2: In a first, an Indian-origin doctor in the US has performed a unique "life-saving" heart procedure - that involves injecting the patient's own stem cells into the organ - on Hollywood actor Ernie Lively.

Amit Patel from the University of Utah performed the historic procedure on Lively - 'Gossip girl' actress...