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Ali Hussain Khan: Teenage boy with body of PENSIONER due to rare disease

Ali Hussain Khan ages eight times faster every year from the condition, which has already killed his five brothers and sisters Tragic Ali Hussain Khan looks like a wizened old man – yet he is only 14. Heartbreakingly, he’s also the last surviving child of SIX siblings hit by a rare, crippling ¬and incurable disease. But despite suffering such a...

Hair fall control: How to prevent hair loss

We value our hair and quietly weep at the sight of hair in the brush and on the floor.

We may have tried products promising total hair repair solutions, but even these don't do much and hair fall continues to feature in our everyday nightmare list. Today, we're going back to the basics to...


Popping pills for six-pack abs? Think twice

Bangalore, Aug 8: Are you a gym rat aiming for a six-pack, and washing down spoonfuls of dietary supplements to tone up your body to impress your gal? It’s time you rethought all that. With no regulations governing the sale of muscle-enhancers, what with their easy availability over the counter, wary dietitians have cautioned users about their...

Exercises to get rid of double chin

Here are some exercises you can do to banish the extra flab under your chin

Double chin is common among overweight men and women. And if you are sporting one too, you certainly know how unflattering it is. And alternate names like turkey neck, chin twin, second chin, etc. just proves the point. However,...


20 weight loss foods in every Indian kitchen

Weight loss diets or weight loss foods do not require a 'special ingredient', they constitute foods that you see every day in your Indian kitchens.

These weight loss foods can be eaten directly or consumed in combination meals that you eat daily. Some health enthusiasts avoid typical Indian dishes that are are creamy and...


Within the Decade: Driverless Cars, Cigaretteless Cigarettes

Cigarette sales have long been in decline, and the pace accelerated in first quarter of 2013, with Wells Fargo today predicting sales volume was down 4.5% over the same period last year.

That is above the historic average of 3-4% falls, and may have been helped along by economic factors like higher gas prices...

5 things Indian men do to look handsome

Women are not alone in this! Men also do care immensely about their looks and indulge in elaborate grooming rituals to enchant women.

They spend ridiculous amounts of time studying their reflection in the mirror from various angles, and prefer to keep themselves abreast of the latest skincare products among other toiletries on the market....

10 lakh children yet to be administered polio drops in Karnataka

Bangalore, Feb 25: Nearly 10 lakh of the 74.31 lakh children below the age of five in the State are yet to be administered oral polio drops during the second round of the Pulse Polio immunisation drive that began on Sunday.

By covering more than 64.46 lakh children across the State on day one...

Lose stomach fat: How to get a flat belly

Why lose stomach fat? Because it makes everyone uncomfortable, to say the least.

In everyday life we don't fret about some loose stomach fat hanging over our waistbands, but festivities, weddings, and seaside vacations leave you staring at the mirror. The frustrating reality is that the midsection is one of the trickiest areas to lose fat from. Many...

Scientists crack insulin mystery, may see end of needles

Melbourne, Jan 11: In a major breakthrough that could help millions of diabetics, Australian researchers have solved a 20-year mystery that could which could spell the end of daily injections.

The new knowledge on how insulin works at a molecular level could be exploited to develop improved insulin medications to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, they...