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E-cigarettes popularity forces firms to review policies

When John Castellano feels like a smoke, he simply heads to the break room at Kraft Foods’s factory in Garland, Texas.

The technician has been able to indulge his habit in common areas at work since he started using electronic cigarettes, which emit vapor rather than smoke.

E-cigarettes are “very liberating,” said Castellano, 39,...


Gravity behind male pattern baldness?

Washington, Nov 4: The force of downward pull caused by the gravity on the scalp may be key contributor to the events leading to progressive hair loss in male pattern baldness, a new study claims.

The effects of gravity may explain the apparently paradoxical effects of testosterone in male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia...

Fish oil could cut brain abnormality risk in elderly

High long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content in blood could cut small brain infarcts' risk and other brain abnormalities in elderly people, a new study has suggested.

In the Cardiovascular Health Study in the USA, 3,660 people aged 65 and older underwent brain scans to detect so called silent brain infarcts, or small lesions...


Better to act young than to look young

Jane E Brody, Oct 7: At a party I recently attended, a woman in her 60s proudly announced that her periodic facial treatments “have made me look 10 years younger.” A man of similar vintage said he was considering “facial tucks” to raise his sagging jowls.

Some days it seems everyone I meet is...

Yoga Helps Menopausal Women Cope with Insomnia, but not Hot Flashes

New research has found that yoga can help menopausal women sleep better.

Researchers at Group Health Research Institute found that women who took a 12-week yoga class and practiced at home had lower risk of insomnia. However hot flashes persisted.

Yoga is quite popular in the U.S and is among the...

E-cigarettes as good as nicotine patches in helping smokers quit

London, Sep 8: Smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes to try to kick their habit are at least as likely to succeed in quitting or cutting down as users of nicotine patches, according to research published on Sunday.

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers compared electronic, or e-cigarettes, with the more standard nicotine replacement therapy...

Lack of sleep can make you look old and gloomy

Washington, Sep 4: Lack of a good night's sleep can not only give you puffy eyes but also make you look old by increasing the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, a new study has found.

People also looked sadder when sleep-deprived than after normal sleep, and sadness was related to looking fatigued,...

Ali Hussain Khan: Teenage boy with body of PENSIONER due to rare disease

Ali Hussain Khan ages eight times faster every year from the condition, which has already killed his five brothers and sisters Tragic Ali Hussain Khan looks like a wizened old man – yet he is only 14. Heartbreakingly, he’s also the last surviving child of SIX siblings hit by a rare, crippling ¬and incurable disease. But despite suffering such a...

Hair fall control: How to prevent hair loss

We value our hair and quietly weep at the sight of hair in the brush and on the floor.

We may have tried products promising total hair repair solutions, but even these don't do much and hair fall continues to feature in our everyday nightmare list. Today, we're going back to the basics to...


Popping pills for six-pack abs? Think twice

Bangalore, Aug 8: Are you a gym rat aiming for a six-pack, and washing down spoonfuls of dietary supplements to tone up your body to impress your gal? It’s time you rethought all that. With no regulations governing the sale of muscle-enhancers, what with their easy availability over the counter, wary dietitians have cautioned users about their...