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Know what causes migraine headaches

New Delhi, Oct 25: A migraine is a severe headache and also the most common and painful things that a person can experience. One can help manage this painful headache by taking preventive and pain-relieving medications.

Below are some causes of migraine that you should be aware about:


High fat diet may cause changes in the brain: study

Washington, Oct 24: In a recent study, scientists have discovered a new mechanism that regulates obesity. The study shows that this new mechanism can potentially be targeted to treat obesity.

Senior author of the study Makoto Fukuda said, "It's well known that the brain is involved in the development of obesity, but how a...

Reducing oxygen levels may cure jet lag: study

Jerusalem, Oct 21: Reducing oxygen levels in an aeroplane cabin may help combat jet lag in travellers, suggests a new study which found that variation in oxygen levels can reset circadian clocks of mice and help them adapt eating, sleeping and running habits to the new time faster.

Presently, light, food and temperature are...

Misuse of certain prescription drugs can be key factor in college sexual assaults

Washington, Oct 20: It has already been seen that alcohol consumption, either by the victim or the perpetrator, is a key factor in more than half of sexual assaults on college campuses. A study by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions have now found out that the abuse of prescription drugs by college students also can play a...

Common cold medicine may stop cancer spread: study

Tokyo, Oct 18: A low-cost drug used for treating colds can prevent bladder cancer from spreading, as well as reduce resistance to anticancer drugs, a new study has found.

Bladder cancer is the seventh most common cancer in males worldwide, researchers said.

It can be grouped into two types: non-muscle-invasive cancers,...

In Vitro Fertilisations Babies Born To Women Over 40 May Have Lesser Birth Defects: Study

Melbourne, Oct 17: Babies born to women aged over 40 from assisted reproduction have fewer birth defects compared with those from women who conceive naturally at that age, a new study has found.

This is contrary to widespread belief that the greater risk of birth defects after assisted conception is due to the frequent...

High-stress jobs may to lead to early grave, reveals study

Washington, Oct 17: People in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow are likely to die younger than those who have more flexibility in their jobs, a new study has warned.

Researchers, who studied 2,363 residents in their 60s over a seven-year period, found that for individuals in low-control jobs, high job demands are...

Eating Dark Chocolates May Improve Your Heart Health, Says Study

New York, Oct 15: Now you need not be guilty of indulging in dark chocolates, as compounds found in cocoa may be good for your heart, a study has found.

The findings showed that consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa products was associated with improvements in specific circulating biomarkers of cardiometabolic health.


Teenagers smoke to lose weight: survey

Washington, Oct 14: Shunning popular beliefs that people smoke cigarettes because they're addicted to the nicotine, a recent study shows that among US teens who are frequent smokers, 46 percent of girls and 30 percent of boys smoke to control their weight.

And smoking to lose weight is significantly more common among teens, who...

Chewable Tobacco Major Health Threat, Needs Regulation: Doctors

New Delhi, Oct 13: Chewable tobacco is emerging as a major threat in India when it comes to causing cancer that affects 11 lakh people a year, top doctors today said while urging the government to increase taxation on it to reduce its consumption.

Over 700 delegates from around 15 foreign countries have gathered...