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The kilogram has put on weight

London:Jan 8: The official kilogram - a cylinder-shaped hunk of metal - that defines the fundamental unit of mass, has itself gained weight, scientists say.

Scientists at Newscastle University have found that due to surface contamination the original kilogram is likely to be tens of microgrammes heavier than it was when the first standard was...

Dubai's jewellers see better value in 18K push

Dubai, Jan 2: Seeking to put the sparkle back into the gold trade after a less than stellar showing in the second half of 2012, Dubai’s jewellers are set to put their marketing muscle behind 18-carat jewellery for the first time. They believe such a move would help considerably improve offtake of jewellery among Western and...

Muslims have least sex outside marriage: Study

Of all the world's major religious groups, Muslims are the least likely to have sex outside of marriage, new research found. And as a country's Muslim population grows, the rate of premarital sex declines for all residents, even non-Muslims, according to the study.

Researchers analyzed the responses of over 620,000 people (ages 15-59) who were...