Reams of newsprint and hours of broadcast time has been spent debating if it was proper on the part of a section of the Kannada media for subjecting the controversial godman Nityananda to a witch-hunt following revelations in the wake of his alleged sexual misdemeanor with his women disciples. Some media critics consider the attack as a classic case of trial by media and journalistic overreach. The newspapers and television channels should have, they argue, just placed the facts before the

The victory of K. Jayaprakash Hegde in the byelection for the Udupi-Chikmagalur parliamentary constituency has come as a tonic for the Congress which was reeling under a series of defeats since 2008 Assembly elections. The principal opposition party, which had won just one of the dozen by-elections held in the last four years, romped home by a margin of over 47,000 votes in the traditional BJP strong-hold goes on to prove the fact that the electorate are ready to give Congress a chance if they

The results of Assembly election in five States have once again mirrored the maturity of the Indian voter. The fact that five of the four States have thrown up clear verdict shows that the stability of a government is a major concern for the common man. Although the Congress and BJP are virtually tied in Uttarakhand leaving scope for both the parties to woo the smaller groups and independents, the result could be interpreted as a verdict against the corrupt and inefficient BJP government. It was

The unprecedented attack on media persons in Bangalore by a section of lawyers deserves to be condemned in the severest terms possible. The unprovoked assault and the subsequent chaos have also sparked uproar across the State with all right-thinking people expressing anguish about the turn of events. In fact, the episode is a blot on the image of the legal fraternity, who along with the legislature and executive have been considered the pillars of Indian democracy. Unfortunately, the

It’s been a month since RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat’s anti-minority speech in Uppinangady nearly pushed the district to the brink of a communal violence. But, the law-enforcing agencies in the district have hardly initiated any action against the firebrand leader, who continues to exercise his clout over the government machinery in the state. Much water has flown down the Kumaradhara since January 22, when Mr. Bhat launched a virulent attack on Muslims and Christians. Uppinangady has

With the death of Katte Vedavyasa Srinivasa Acharya, Karnataka has lost one of its gentleman politicians and administrators. The 72-year-old Acharya rose from the ranks through hard work and dedication and narrowly missed becoming the chief minister. He had a mastery over an array of subjects, including finance, education, power and local governance. He was able to drive home his viewpoints in a very efficient manner, so much so that he made members in the treasury benches listen to him in rapt

The ministers in Karnataka seem to have mastered the art of sullying the image of the first-ever BJP government South of the Vindhyas in more and more imaginative ways. After the brazen misuse of power saw B.S. Yeddyurappa and Katta Subrahmanya Naidu spend a spell in the jail following land scams, three ministers – Laxman Savadi, C.C. Patil and Krishna Palemar – have dented the reputation of the ruling dispensation through ‘porngate’. In between, another prominent minister of the government, who

It is official now. Earlier people used to talk about such conspiracy theories in hushed tone. There were not many takers for such “weird” claims. With the media jumping the gun even before the investigation began and the police refusing to look beyond the usual suspects – read Muslims – all such incidents used to provide Sangh Parivar an opportunity to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments. But unfortunately or rather fortunately, their ploy has boomeranged in Sindagi and the “Pakistan flag hoisting”