The Head and Neck is a very complex region of the body and consists of several subsites like the Oral Cavity, Oropharynx (Throat), Larynx (voice box), Thyroid, Paranasal Sinuses, and Neck Lymph Nodes. Cancer that occurs in the Oral Cavity (mouth), throat, nose, paranasal sinuses, salivary glands, and other areas of the head and neck are considered Head and Neck cancer.

With the advent of Ramadan a glittering change all around can be witnessed, as if darkness in the ambiance has experienced a precipitous illumination. Ramadan is a spring month that nourishes virtues in the heart as rain helps vegetation grows from the earth.

As India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day, we the citizens of India are very proud of the effort and struggle took by all freedom fighters to free India from the British. Commemorating the martyrs and the people who devoted their life for the India that we see today, we have to think about the different sectors of people living in India who are still not independent. There are set of people, the labourers, working from dawn to dusk to survive each day. Before the Independence, the British rulers exploited these people very badly and these are the ones who played a major role in Indian Independence struggle. But even after the Independence, the condition of the people who are working for daily wages are not even independent to lead a good family life.

“What made you choose anchoring as a profession?” This question has been tossed at me on various occasions by youngsters and elders. Each time I am asked this; I take a moment to pause and ask myself if I chose it or it chose me.

I was studying in 10th grade when I read the Malayalam story ‘Moovanthi’ which means the ‘Dusk’ written by P Padmarajan, an eminent Malayalam writer. It was a great shock for me to imagine the content of the story where a blind daughter is getting raped by her own father. But now, after 5 years I am not surprised by the news reports published about the rapes and assaults happening towards infants to old aged people. Because this has been normalised like anything.

What exactly does an epiphany mean? Well, when you google it, all you know is that it is a sudden realization. If we dig deeper, we know that an epiphany is just not realization. It is pondering over our thoughts so much that we start seeing things from a different perspective. We find answers to all baffling questions and our outlook towards a particular situation alters. What if an epiphany