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Saudi prince’s mother passes away on first day of Ramadan

Riyadh, May 6: A Saudi royal has passed away, Spa reported on the first day of Ramadan (May 6).

According to a statement issued by the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, Her Royal Highness Princess Hessa bint Saud bin...


Israel’s Ramadan blitz in Gaza kills more than 20 Palestinians, including Hamas commander

Gaza/Jerusalem, May 6: Israel pounded Gaza with airstrikes and shelling Sunday killing at least 20 Palestinians, including two pregnant women and two babies, in the bloodiest fighting since a 2014 war.

Among those killed was Hamas commander Hamed Ahmed...

Month of Ramadan Fasting for Many Muslims Begins Monday

Dubai, May 6: Muslims in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, and much of the Middle East, including Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, will fast on Monday for the start of the month of Ramadan.

Millions more, however,...

Indian Man in UAE Wins Rs 27.6 Crore in Raffle Draw, But Rejects Calls for Claiming it

Dubai, May 5: An Indian man in the UAE has hit a jackpot by winning a whopping dirham 15 million ($4 million) in a raffle draw in Abu Dhabi, the latest addition to the long list of lucky winners...

Ramadan moon sighting panels convene in Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia, May 4: Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court has called on its citizens and residents to inform the nearest court if they spot the Ramadan crescent with a naked eye or through binoculars on Saturday, May 4.


Saudi Arabia’s SC calls on all to look for crescent moon signaling Ramadan

Dubai, May 2: Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court called on all Muslims to look on Saturday for the crescent moon signaling the start of Ramadan and to inform the nearest court of those who see it with the naked eye or...

UAE: Hefty fine, jail for staring at women, catcalling

May 1: Any gesture that makes a woman feel violated and uncomfortable - from catcalls to long stares and dropping phone numbers - can get you jailed and fined in the UAE.

The Dubai Police reiterated the warning as...

Iran designates all US troops in Middle East as terrorists

London, May 1: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani signed a bill into law on Tuesday declaring all US forces in the Middle East terrorists and calling the US government a sponsor of terrorism.

The bill was passed by parliament last...

UAE govt bends rules to issue birth certificate to Indian interfaith couple's newborn

Sharjah, Apr 29: In a step which has been largely lauded, the United Arab Emirates bend its rule to issue a birth certificate for a baby born to an Indian inter-faith couple here earlier this month.

The middle-eastern nation's...

Dubai schools announce Ramadan timings

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority has announced Ramadan timings for Dubai schools.

Talking to Khaleej Times, Mohammed Darwish, Chief Executive Officer of Permits and Compliance at KHDA said:

"The school day during Ramadan will start between...